Monday, February 20, 2006

Better than the Winter Olympics: Rauschenberger on TV/Web

Watch here to see Republican Lt. Gov. candidates Birkett and Rauschenberger interviewed separately by Berkowitz. Our show with Sen. Rauschenberger will also air tonight through-out the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21 [The City edition of Public Affairs]. See here and here for partial transcripts of the show with Rauschenberger.
And another partial transcript of the show with Lt.Gov. Republican Primary Candidate Steve Rauschenberger is included, below:

Sen. Rauschenberger: Elect me and hold me accountable. I mean you have seen the work I have done.

Jeff Berkowitz: Elect you as Lt. Gov. and the quality of education will improve?

Sen. Rauschenberger: I am going to try. I am going to try or they are going to break me.

Jeff Berkowitz: Basically, what you are going to do is get everybody in the room and bang heads.

Sen. Rauschenberger: Right, and we’re going to make them justify or consolidate.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, you do support vouchers; but you don’t think you could get them through.

Sen. Rauschenberger: Absolutely. Vouchers ought to be one of the elements of choices for parents. I mean, we can’t pass it in this General Assembly; We’re not going to pass it with Democrats from Chicago running the place. But, today, we have a choice system. But, you have to be rich enough to buy a house in the school district you want to. The poor kids in Chicago and the other parts of the state have no choice. But, I support the Catholic system. I support the private education system. I think home schooling is an important part of the educational system.
Sen. Rauschenberger: …you ask tougher questions that most of the [other] media guys do—

Jeff Berkowitz: Tough questions? Me? These have been all softballs; now we are going to ask some really hard ones: But, seriously, this Burnham Management thing with Gidwitz? You know what is [going on] in Joliet, he [Gidwitz] is being call a slumlord, down there. Slum landlord. Peter Fitzgerald is upset with [Gidwitz]. Fitzgerald supported you [for Governor]. Has he now withdrawn his support? Former U. S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald? Because, come on, he can’t abide what Ron Gidwitz has done there.

Sen. Rauschenberger: Peter is still supporting me. And, we sent Peter the information about the problem down in Joliet. We had a meeting to [the show ends].