Sunday, March 19, 2006

After tonight's West Wing, Berkowitz and Oberweis join Roeser on Radio

Jeff Berkowitz will join political and business entrepreneur Jim Oberweis as a guest tonight on Tom Roeser’s Political Shoot-out, WLS 890 AM Radio, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Oberweis is in the fight of his life to overcome the Combine forces, in the form of Kjellander, Topinka, Edgar and Brady, to become the Republican nominee for Governor. Oddly, the one guy who could maybe bail the slimmed down Oberweis' fat out of the fire is Ron Gidwitz, businessman and now a bona fide reformer.

Gidwitz would become a hero to conservatives by dropping out and trying to transfer his votes to Oberweis. Would Ron Gidwitz, the guy who was a 250 to 1 long shot last July to win the nomination and who still is an Establishment Civic Leader,break with his past and do it? Perhaps Gidwitz should stop by the Roeser show tonight and Tom could broker the deal right there. How's that for a Conservative Summit? It sure as Hell would make news.

For those who find West Wing a little too Left Wing for their tastes to keep up with it, it airs on NBC-5 in the Chicago Metro area from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm tonight and every Sunday night.

Upset with something Berkowitz said on his show, Public Affairs? Something he wrote on this blog?—Tom Roeser’s show on Sunday night is your chance to fire back. A free fire zone, so to speak. Also, you can help shape the show by calling in with your questions and comments—312-591-8900. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Communists [no collect calls, please] and others are, of course, all welcome. If you can’t get the program on your radio, you can listen on the web [Go here].

I don’t know the topics—they are determined by Mr. Roeser, with some incisive suggestions, no doubt, by his wife Lillian. However, an educated guess is that the questions will consist of various permutations and combinations about the Gubernatorial primaries, General Election and perhaps the hot Republican Primaries in the 8th and 17th Cong. Districts and hot Democratic Primary in the 6th and 3rd Cong. Districts, possibly selected from the following questions, some of which are holdovers from whatI suggested in this blog before I was on the show in January.

Of course, you can call and ask any of the below questions or whatever you like. As with University of Chicago Ph. D. prelim questions in economics over the years, most of the questions on Political Shoot-out stay the same each week, only the answers change. And you are Free to Choose, so to speak:

• Did Jim Oberweis win the last Republican Guv. Debate this week on WTTW?
• Should Gidwitz drop out now, endorse Oberweis and become a hero to reformers?
• In other words, does Gidwitz now help Judy, if he stays in, much more than Jim?
--Will the liberals stay home if the choice is Rod v. Jim? Or will they lobby harder for an assisted suicide law?
• Has Joe helped Judy one iota? Can he?
Has Steve helped Ron one iota? Can he?
• If Ron drops out, would Steve be a Zen-like candidate for Lt. Gov.?
• Has Steve been a completely unused resource by the Gidburger campaign? If so, why did Ron do that?
• Is Brady a "cooperating Combine," player, or an "unwitting dupe."?
What was Edwin Eisendrath thinking? Was he?
• Did Rod throw the Jews under the bus? If so, who is next to follow Mell and the Jews?
• Why have Hamos and Ronen been silent on Sister Muhammad and the anti-Semitic and anti- Gay views of Minister Farrakhan that Sister Muhammad has declined to repudiate.
• Why did Eisendrath embark on a a fool’s errand? Was he betting on Patrick Fitzgerald?
• Will Becky Carroll call in on Roeser to defend her boss?
• Is Equality Illinois' Rick Garcia a toady of Governor Blagojevich?
• If Brady helps Judy, does that help Brady? Is that question Zen-like?
• Can Jim Oberweis get out enough of his base to win, even with Brady doing well downstate?
• Has Pat O’Malley moved to Florida?
• Will the conservatives stay home if the choice is Judy v. Rod? Or will they lobby for an assisted suicide law?
• Is Stroger’s goose cooked? Or, will the sympathy vote save him?
- How is Carol Marin working out as the latest addition to Chicago Tonight's fair and balanced hosts? interviewers? contributors? whatever?
• Is Cook County ready for Reform? For Claypool?
• Does Claypool v. Stroger come down to race? See Obama's role as Switzerland.
• Could Republican Cook County Board Member and County Board President Candidate Tony Peraica beat Stroger if Claypool can't?
• Will Alexi beat Mangieri on the strength of Obama's muscular ads?
• Is abortion a significant issue in the State Treasurer’s race?
• Did the Governor’s All Kids health insurance legislation cement his re-nomination and re-election? If not, will passing a capital improvements state budget cement Rod’s re-election. Can he do so?
• Does Tom Roeser still think the Republican activists should let RNC member Bob Kjellander be?
• Is Senator Obama a likely VP pick in 2008? A possible candidate for President, notwithstanding his statements on Russert to the contrary?
• Is Eisendrath beating Rod, like a drum, on the issue of reform?
• Did Edwin Eisendrath get anything out of "Dreaming the impossible Dream?"
• Who raised, last summer, one million dollars, in one evening, for their school voucher- school choice foundation?
• Will Dick Kay really retire in July?
• Is John Kelly another Dan Lipinski plant in the 3rd CD to drain votes from Dan Lipinski's Dem. Challenger, prosecutor John Sullivan? Could the plant win, as did the Dem. State Rep. in Cicero?
• Is Cong. Bean vulnerable in the 8th CD?
• Did Rahm Emanuel find a stronger opponent [Maj. L. Tammy Duckworth] for Sen. Peter Roskam than Christine Cegelis or Lindy Scott in the 6th CD General Election? Or will Rahm have his first big loss?
• Is Roskam worried about Major Tammy Duckworth, who has the Support of Senators Obama and Durbin, as well as Emanuel and Axelrod? Is Roskam just plain worried?
• Is Sen. Obama’s Halo tarnished with Alexi's apparent Bank ties to crime figures?
• Is Roskam still doing a Rose Garden Strategy?
• Can Cong. Kirk be beat in the 10th CD?
• Who will win the 10th CD Dem. Primary? Zane Smith? Dan Seals?
• Can Cong. Evans be beat in the 17th CD?
• Will Zinga win her 17th CD R primary?
• Has Daley turned the corruption eruptions around?
• How is Bob Sirott working out at as a weekend anchor at NBC- 5 News ? 500K? 300K? 200 K? Inquiring minds want to know.
• And, of course, much, much more.
Jeff Berkowitz, Host and Producer of Public Affairs and an Executive Recruiter doing Legal Search, can be reached at