Tuesday, September 06, 2005

R Primary Gubernatorial Candidate State Sen. Rauschenberger on TV

This week’s suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features State Sen. Sen. Steve Rauschenberger [R-Elgin], candidate in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary. [See the end of this post for a detailed suburban airing schedule of “Public Affairs.” There is also a special airing of this week’s show in 10 North Shore suburbs this Thursday night-- see schedule, below] Our show with Sen. Rauschenberger will also air throughout the City of Chicago [in the regular “Public Affairs,” City of Chicago time slot] on next Monday night, Sep. 12 at 8:30 pm on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21 in Chicago.

Senator Rauschenberger is one of four official candidates who are vying in the Republican GOP primary for the right to carry the Party’s banner in its November, 2006 effort to win the gubernatorial office back from first term Governor Rod Blagojevich [D-Chicago].

You can find out more about Guv candidate Rauschenberger [who once desribed himself to me as an "NSC"—Non Scary Conservative-- by going to other posts on this blog [See here], which also includes a discussion of the general election and links to odds and assessment of the Republican Primary candidates and to Rauschenberger’s web site and [See here].

Of course, the four official candidates do not count former Governor Jim [“Hamlet”] Edgar, who is hovering in the wings, for the third time since he left office and apparently enjoying the adulation and attention of those who are imploring him to run. The other three “official,” candidates are Dairyman and Money Manager Jim Oberweis [See here], Sen. Brady [See here] and Helene Curtis heir Ron Gidwitz [See here] and [See here]. Former State Sen. Pat O'Malley, who polled 29% of the Guv Primary vote in 2002 for a second place in a field of three, is still mulling over another run. Pat could self fund and therefore has the luxury of coming in late, if he wants to. DuPage State's Attorney Joe Birkett, who came within three points of becoming Attorney General in 2002 but who cannot self fund, says he is also still thinking about running for Guv.

Edgar’s fans point to his eight years of relative good will as Governor and his apparent continuing popularity when he left the Governor’s mansion in ’98. Edgar’s critics, on the other hand, remind everyone that Edgar last won an election in 1994, the year former House Speaker Newt Gingrich started a revolution in the national Republican Pary that passed over Illinois and didn’t seem to touch Edgar.

Also, Edgar is apparently a good friend of beleagured Illinois RNC honcho Bob Kjellander, who the Party Reformers, including Rauschenberger, Oberweis, O'Malley, Jack Roeser [but not Tom Roeser] and Gidwitz-- and apparently House Minority Leader Tom Cross-- want to resign. Their criticism of Kjellander relates to his penchant for making Mega-bucks in government related activities with or from his Democrat connections, including the Democratic Governor that many Republicans think they should be trying to remove from office.

Thus, Edgar’s connection to Kjellander may mean that he is not the best standard bearer to lead the charge against the current Democratic Governor’s arguable ties to public corruption. Moreover, Edgar left in 1998 under the cloud of the MSI scandal, or so his critics argue.

State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka is also waiting in the wings, hovering over and waiting for Hamlet Edgar to make the decision on his Guv run.. Topinka says she won’t run if Edgar does, and apparently won’t announce one way or the other until Edgar does. Rauschenberger argues that this indecision and deference by Topinka does not show a lot of conviction by Judy Baar in her own ability to be Governor.

Further, unless at least two, and maybe more, conservatives split the Republican Party base in the Primary, Topinka can’t hope to win the primary. Moreover, a lot of the Republican base will either sit on their hands or rally around a third party conservative candidate in the general election, if very, very moderate Judy Baar Topinka is the Republican nominee.

Next week’s suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Part 2 of our discussion with 13 year State Senator and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Rauschenberger [R-Elgin].
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