Friday, September 02, 2005

David McSweeney on TV: Gives a 6 year Term Limit Pledge

Don’t forget to watch this ’s Monday night’s [Labor Day] “Public Affairs,” airing through-out the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21 in Chicago. The show features David McSweeney [R-Barrington Hills], candidate in the 8th Cong. Dist. Republican Primary. [See here] and [here] for more about Candidate McSweeney, the 8th CD Republican Primary, the topics discussed and a partial transcript of the show.

If you watching the show from your own residence in the City of Chicago on Monday night, you probably can’t vote in the 8th CD [35% Northwest Cook County, 50% West and Central Lake County, 15% McHenry County], unless you work in the City’s Water Department, or Streets and Sans or--. But, don’t let that stop you from watching.

One, the issues discussed on Monday night are national in nature and should be of interest to all. Two, this race has the makings of a tough closely contested primary, with hand to hand combat between at least three and perhaps four or five major, well funded Republican candidates. Three, the general election between first term incumbent Congresswoman Melissa Bean [D-Barrington] and whoever wins the Republican Primary will be the most closely watched, most expensive and, most likely, the closest race in the state. The Democrats took 35 years to take this seat away from Cong. Phil Crane. They don’t plan to give it back to the Rs without a very tough fight [Anybody ever try to take anything away from Rahm Emanuel, Dem. Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman?]. The Republicans, on the other hand, count it as a strong Republican District, with Bush winning the 8th CD over Kerry by at least 56-44, in a bad year in Illinois for the Republicans [the Jack Ryan- Alan Keyes Affair, so to speak]. The Rs think it belongs to them and they think 2004 was more a Crane loss than a Bean win.

Four, I came to the taping well prepared with tough questions to grill McSweeney. And, McSweeney gave as good as he took, as he came back with hard hitting, responsive answers. Five, if you are a Republican anywhere you will want to know how good your 8th CD R candidates look and whom, if anybody you should fund and for whom you should work. If you are a Democrat, you will want to know how strong the opposition is, and you will want to see and hear what McSweeney has to say about Cong. Bean. He ain’t shy. If you are a liberaterian or a socialist, you might want to take a look and get one of your own in the race, if he or she isn’t already.

Six, in all modesty, it is just kind of an entertaining show. As Nancy Skinner, former Democrat U. S. Senate Primary Candidate, media personality and former guest of Public Affairs once said about “Public Affairs,” it is “strangely compelling.”

Come back this weekend to this site to read an additional partial transcript or two from the show with 8th CD Republican Primary Candidate David McSweeney, as well as other posts.
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