Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dershowitz calls Chief Justice Rehnquist a Thug

Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz is increasingly becoming an embarrassment, even to the biased to the left faculty at that law school-- which Dershowitz uses to give him credibility for spouting his venom [I know- HLS is also the alma mater of Chief Justice nominee John Roberts and Justice Scalia; what can I say, its students were and perhaps still are much more balanced than its faculty; HLS is also the alma mater of Justices Kennedy, Souter, Breyer and almost Ginsburg, See here].

Yes, Dershowitz gets some things right from time to time-- such as when he stands up for free speech and making sure both or all sides of an argument are heard at colleges and universities, venues which surprisingly are questioning that value more and more.

But, more often than not, Alan Dershowitz’s strident, biased, vituperative and vitriolic statements can only embarrass those who might otherwise support a number of his arguments and ideas. Saturday night, a few hours after the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist—before the body was even cold, Dershowitz fired away as if he were “mumbling under his breath,” as opposed to speaking to millions on Fox while being interviewed by liberal Alan Colmes, and called the Chief Justice “a Republican thug.”

Dershowitz: …the decisions of Justice Rehnquist are not taught in law schools as great decisions. He'll be remembered primarily for his votes rather than for the content or quality of his decisions. And it's consistent throughout his life. He started his career by being a kind of Republican thug who pushed and shoved to keep African-American and Hispanic voters from voting. [Fox Hannity and Colmes special, [See here]

Given the dominance of liberals at most elite law schools—the overwhelming majority of the faculty are big time contributors to Democrats-- is it any wonder that Rehnquist’s decisions, “are not taught in law schools as great decisions.” Indeed, it is a wonder that they are taught at all, with the likes of Professor Dershowitz as the filter of what is good and what is bad, not to mention as the moral authority to decide who the “thugs,” are.

Somewhat ironically, then Justice Rehnquist, early in his tenure on the U. S. Supreme Court, gave a lecture at Indiana University on the importance of civility in public discourse. I believe the speech was titled Civilitas, which means politics, but importantly, the words 'city,' 'civility,' and 'civilisation,' all come from that Latin word, “civilitas.” [See here] Unfortunately, Professor Dershowitz was elsewhere that evening. Too bad, Dershowitz could have benefited a great deal from what the Chief had to say. He might have learned a little a bit about civility, and it’s importance to civilization, cities and the public square, not to mention great universities.
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