Tuesday, June 07, 2005

TV Tom Roeser backs [Cong.] Danny Davis and Jim Oberweis: the Odd Couple

Tom Roeser: I think that it is time, again, to heal the city and to have an African-American mayor and I have a candidate. I haven’t talked to him.

Berkowitz: Who’s that?

Roeser: [Cong.]Danny Davis [D-Chicago, 7th CD].
This week’s suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Tom Roeser, host of WLS 890 AM- Radio’s show, Political Shoot-out, airing every Sunday night from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Tom is a conservative icon in Chicago, and has been so for a long time. See the end of this blog entry for a detailed suburban airing schedule and for more about the topics discussed on this week’s show with Tom Roeser. This show will also air throughout the City of Chicago [in the regular “Public Affairs,” City of Chicago time slot] on this coming Monday night, June 13 at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV].
Next week’s guest on the suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” is Susan Garrett, State Senator [D- Lake Forest] and 10th Cong. Dist. Exploratory candidate
Jeff Berkowitz: …Just the last few weeks, you’ve talked about what a great city Chicago is. Does that mean that Mayor Daley is a great mayor?

Tom Roeser: Well, I also was the guy who interviewed [Cong.] Jesse Jackson, Jr. and said that Jesse would be a better mayor [than Daley]. But I think there is somebody who would-- first of all, I think there ought to be an African-American mayor. I think that it is time, again, to heal the city and to have an African-American mayor and I have a candidate. I haven’t talked to him.

Berkowitz: Who’s that?

Roeser: Danny Davis.

Berkowitz: You want Danny Davis to be Mayor of the City of Chicago? He’s your guy?
You’re supporting [Cong.] Danny Davis [D- Chicago, 7th CD]?

Roeser: He’s not “my guy.”

Berkowitz: This could be the kiss of death for Danny.

Roeser: Well, I know.

Berkowitz: Just kidding.

Roeser: Well, it probably is. But, he reminds me of Harold [Washington], in many ways. He’s a senior—sort of, 62 years old. Harold was that way.

Berkowitz: He has what [Cong.] Mark Kirk has called the “Voice of God.”

Roeser: The voice of God and also he has a presence and a grace.

Berkowitz: All right. So, you think he’d be a good mayor.

Roeser: He’d be a—

Berkowitz: Better than Jesse, Jr.? Better than Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr.?

Roeser: You know why? Because Jesse Jr. would be burdened by his old man. And, the same name and everything else.

Berkowitz: So, you think one of the individuals, one of those African- American leaders runs against Mayor Daley in 2007?

Roeser: …I would hope that it would be Danny Davis?

Berkowitz: And, you think [Cong.] Danny Davis beats the Mayor if he runs against him?

Roeser: I think he could. If you can keep other African American leaders out, like [Cong.] Bobby Rush. I think that’s very important.

Berkowitz: Out, in what sense.

Roeser: Well, I worry about people being a ringer, having somebody come in and divide the Black community.

Berkowitz: Oh, draining votes [from Cong. Davis] and splitting the African-American vote. What about the Hispanic community? Will they support an African- American [candidate for Mayor]?

Roeser: I think they will.

Berkowitz: Luis Gutierrez? Right now he’s with the Mayor, he’s with Mayor Daley. [For another view on where Cong. Gutierrez may be, see Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass here].

Roeser: Now, he wants to be Mayor. That scares me.

Berkowitz: So, he may side with Mayor Daley this time around—until Daley leaves, right?

Roeser: I think Danny Davis would just be an outstanding guy.
Berkowitz: Let’s say [AG] Lisa [Madigan] runs, and you are saying she runs and beats [Gov.] Rod Blagojevich and wins the Democratic Primary [for Governor], right?

Roeser: Um, um.

Berkowitz: And then you are saying Lisa Madigan, the Democratic candidate for Governor runs against [the Republican primary winner] Jim Oberweis for Governor.

Roeser: Right, I think that would be a very good race. Clear cut differences…He’s gonna win. He’s gonna win because he’s gonna say he’s gonna cut taxes. [For more of Tom Roeser on Oberweis, see here].
Tom Roeser, Mr. Conservative and radio and print media personality in Chicago, recorded on May 25, 2005 and as is airing on the Suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” this week [week of June 6] and as will be airing on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs on Monday night, June 13 at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21[CANTV]. See, conclusion of this blog entry, below, for a detailed suburban airing schedule.
Tom Roeser debates and discusses with Show Host and Executive Legal Recruiter Jeff Berkowitz who will and should be the Republican Candidate for Governor and other statewide offices, a Democratic primary challenge to Gov. Blagojevich, a conservative summit, the 2008 presidential election, what it means to be a Conservative in 2005, International Trade, Foreign policy, fomenting democracy, term limits, capital punishment and much, much more.
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