Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sen. Pankau to run in 6th CD

This just in.

Gentleladies and Gentlemen, we now have a bona fide race in the 6th Cong. Dist. Republican Primary.

Of course, State Senator Peter Roskam [R-Wheaton] officially announced a few weeks ago he is a candidate in the Republican Primary for the 6th Cong. Dist., running for the opportunity to take Cong. Hyde's seat when he steps down, after 32 years, in January 2007. JP "Rick" Carney, former DuPage County Recorder of Deeds has already announced he is running, but people have questioned how credible a candidate Carney is, notwithstanding a large wallet.

State Senator Carol Pankau [R- Roselle], widely rumored to be getting into the race, confirmed to me this afternoon that she is getting into the 6th CD primary, and is looking to raise $200,000 by the end of the June, 2005 federal filing date.

It appears that former State Rep. Tom Johnson and Elmhurst Mayor Tom Marcucci will not join the race, leaving it up to Roskam, Pankau and Carney for now.

Pankau will try to paint herself as the centrist, with Roskam to her right and Carney to her left, at least within the Republican Party spectrum. Pankau referred to her claim that she is more moderate on social issues than Roskam, stating that she would like to see abortion illegal, but would make exceptions for the life of the mother and rape and incest. Roskam's only exception is for the life of the mother. Pankau also noted that she thinks she is more moderate on gun control than Roskam, stating she favors closing the gun trade show loophole and also favoring mandatory trigger locks.

Also, Pankau noted-- Gender counts. You know, two guys and a lady. Women like women and men like men-- or do they?