Monday, May 16, 2005

6th CD Township R Chairmen favor Roskam?

Jeff Berkowitz: When you say that you are endorsing him [Sen. Roskam], that is your personal endorsement. Does that also carry--

State Senator Kirk Dillard [R-Westmont]: That is not an endorsement by the [DuPage] County Republican Party.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you expect he [Roskam] will get that at least in part because of your endorsement?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: I don’t know whether the County Republican Party will endorse, or not. That’s up to the other township chairmen. I don’t want to do anything without talking to my other township chairmen.

Jeff Berkowitz: How many are there, roughly?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: There must be three or four in that congressional district [the 6th].

Jeff Berkowitz: Which ones are they. What are the townships that are represented?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: It would be York, Addison, Bloomingdale and Milton.

Jeff Berkowitz: Is that a weighted vote?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: And, perhaps part of Wayne. It’s not a weighted vote.

Jeff Berkowitz: It’s just a one person, one vote?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: Yeah.

Jeff Berkowitz: And, you are one of the votes, right?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: I am not.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you are the DuPage County Chairman but you don’t have a township vote?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: Correct.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you have a surmise as to how that vote will come out?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: I am quite confident that the township chairmen, knowing who they are, would favor Peter [Roskam].

Jeff Berkowitz: When will that vote occur? Do you know?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: We would have to wait. The filing is not even until December.

Jeff Berkowitz: Right, so probably in January.

Sen. Kirk Dillard: It would be after the filing period closes, which I think is in December.

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you try to dissuade Carol [Pankau], as well as the others, from entering the race?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: Senator Pankau can do whatever she wants and I have no problem if Carol wishes to, you know, to run because I believe she has got a lot of virtue, but I would certainly discourage her from running in a head on head race with Senator Roskam because she’d lose.

Jeff Berkowitz: And, also because you think he is the best candidate to represent the District?

Sen. Kirk Dillard: He is clearly the best candidate for that Congressional District.
State Senator and DuPage County Republican Chairman Kirk Dillard, interviewed on the phone by Jeff Berkowitz, May 16, 2005