Friday, April 15, 2005

Can’t anybody in this town do journalism?

(Revised at 8:20 pm)

Getting it wrong with the mainstream print media.

As I wrote yesterday in the blog entry immediately below, although Jim Oberweis is the only announced candidate in the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary, seven others have indicated they have some interest and are considering it: Joe Birkett, Bill Brady, Ron Gidwitz, Ray LaHood, Steve Rauschenberger, Judy Baar Topinka and Pat O’Malley. This is the case, notwithstanding WTTW’s view of the world.

Yet, Rick Pearson writes a column in today’s Tribune about Oberweis and lists six others who “have formed exploratory committees or expressed interest in the job.” Pearson lists each of the above, except for former State Senator and 2002 gubernatorial primary candidate Pat O’Malley. That is odd. Pat O'Malley has indicated otherwise on my show and he tells me he has told a number of other political participants that as well. In short, it is not a secret that O’Malley has expressed an interest “in the job.”

The AP’s Don Babwin, writing in today’s Chicago Sun-Times about Jim Oberweis, lists six other Republicans “who have said they are considering running for governor.” Like Pearson, Babwin excludes former State Senator and 2002 gubernatorial primary candidate Pat O’Malley from his list.

Eric Krol and Patrick Waldron in their article about Jim Oberweis in today’s Daily Herald list seven other Republican candidates, including Pat O’Malley, who are “weighing or considering” a run for Governor. So, the Daily Herald got it right.

Well, sort of. The Daily Herald’s Eric Krol writes today in his column, “Seven potential GOP governor candidates will speak from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. [tomorrow] to the Women’s Republican Club of the 10th Congressional District. The cost is $10, breakfast included, and the event is at Allgauer’s in Northbrook. One potential candidate won’t be there: State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, who isn’t all the way there yet on making the big move.”

But, wait a second. That explanation by Judy Baar or Krol can’t wash. None of the above referenced candidates, except for Jim Oberweis, is “all the way there yet on making the big move.” And, each of them, except for Judy, will be there tomorrow. Why not Judy? [Senator Rauschenberger, who planned to be there, has had to go out of town-- but he is sending his brother, John Rauschenberger, as his surrogate. John Rauschenberger ran Senator Rauschenberger's U. S.Senate campaign in 2004.

Did Eric Krol ask Judy why she is not attending? What did Judy Baar Topinka, or her press people or handlers say? Did they give the "not all the way there yet," spin? If so, did Krol press Topinka for a real answer? I guess we’ll never know. I would ask Judy. But Topinka’s State Treasurer press secretary Carolyn Berry Frost and her State Treasurer Chief of Staff [and political honcho] Nancy Kimme, the two people who I am told are supposed to have answers on behalf of Judy Baar Topinka, don’t return my calls. I can’t imagine why.
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