Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Better than the entire Chicago press corps w/Jim Ryan-Curry in Elmhurst: Berkowitz w/Dan Proft on cutting tax rates and growing jobs;Cable & streaming

Jeff Berkowitz: …what people want to know from you Dan Proft is you talk about cutting the income tax rate by 50% for individuals and corporations, and they keep hearing there is an eleven billion dollar [state budget] deficit and so they are trying to put those two things together and they are thinking how does the state get the revenue to cover the deficit in the short run, when you are going to be cutting income tax rates.

Dan Proft [Republican candidate for Governor][Watch Proft here]: And, eliminating the estate tax, too, which is also a tax on business, particularly family businesses. Look, I think there are a few things you can do in the short-term to address the budget shortfalls, and leverage medium-term system change, which is really what’s required. I’ve outlined about four billion dollars in cuts [in state spending]; I’ve talked about re-purposing federal stimulus funds, we’re still scheduled to receive the majority of the 8.8 billion dollars in federal stimulus funds…; …I don’t think the state government should be in the business of gambling- I think we’ve run enough numbers games without trying to do it professionally. So, I’ve talked about sale or lease of the Illinois lottery, which is an eight to ten billion dollar asset; this is something similar to…what [Governor] Mitch Daniels did in Indiana, where he leased the Indiana toll roads to provide him the short-term resources he needed to leverage medium term system change.
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Go here to watch Dan Proft in the fastest half hour streaming on the web, a far ranging interview by show host and executive legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz with Republican gubernatorial candidate Proft. Topics discussed include, without limitation, why it is important to cut taxes and why Proft thinks his competitors can’t be trusted not to raise them; what cuts in spending candidate Proft would make and how he would make them; how Proft would reform the big ticket state systems of healthcare and education; Proft’s views on banning machine guns and abortion and who should be allowed to marry; The Chicago Nine- who they are and why they are a barrier to reforming Illinois.
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