Monday, September 07, 2009

Better than Schieffer w/Arne Duncan on Face the Nation: Berkowitz w/ Julie Hamos, State Rep. and 10th CD Candidate, Cable and Streaming

Julie Hamos [State Rep. and 10th CD Democratic Primary Candidate]: I was one of [Barack Obama’s] first supporters up here [on the North Shore].

Jeff Berkowitz: you were big in getting [Obama] the nomination—

Julie Hamos: For the United States Senate [seat].

Jeff Berkowitz: In that Democratic primary, he swept New Trier Township and the surrounding areas because of you and also because of Jan Schakowsky
Julie Hamos: It was all about bringing [Obama] into people’s living rooms, giving them an opportunity to see him close-up. I am trying to do the same kind of thing. To me, house parties are the essence of this democracy; grass roots campaigns, which really allow people to judge me, to size me up, when they are seeing me close-up and I like that. And, that’s what you’re doing, too.
Jeff Berkowitz: …your rival [in the Democratic Primary], Dan Seals, was asked that question ...and the answer Seals gave was he’d come down “on the side of peace"... Do you differ with Seals?

Julie Hamos, 10th CD Dem. Primary Candidate and State Rep.: Well, ultimately, I think we need to get to peace, but I am standing on the side of Israel when they are facing a very formidable foe in Iran-- … [Watch show with 10th CD Dem. Primary Candidate Hamos]
Julie Hamos: …if we start at with that as the [healthcare insurance] problem—

Jeff Berkowitz: [people aged] 50 to 65?

Julie Hamos: 50 to 65, how do we get to a logical result? Well, we can say that people can’t discriminate based on pre-existing [conditions], but if we do that, then what’s to prevent them from raising the rates, making it even harder and what’s to prevent people from waiting until they get sick, right? And then buying the health insurance. That’s not a good result. . Today’s [August 23] Tribune editorial. It said we should look at requiring everybody to buy health insurance. That way we spread the costs all the way through. When you’re healthy—

Jeff Berkowitz: avoid the free riders who don’t buy when they’re young—

Julie Hamos: It’s not the free ride; it’s the healthy with the sick.

Jeff Berkowitz: But they don’t buy when they’re young and they want it when they’re older.

Julie Hamos: The healthy with the sick, that’s what a health insurance plan should be about. Right? Of course, prohibiting insurance companies from discriminating. So, I think we can distill this down to just a few issues. And, if at the end of that, maybe we should regulate the rates of insurance companies or have a public option.
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