Saturday, July 04, 2009

You’re not going to have Sarah Palin and her kids to kick around anymore, or are you?

The MSM consensus opinion is that Sarah Palin’s decision yesterday to resign her position of Governor of Alaska, effective July 26, 2009, is yet more “erratic behavior,” from John McCain’s erratic VEEP selection. Sure, it is the case that modern political history in the U. S. is that we draw our Presidents from the pool of Governors, not Senators, with JFK and Obama being the exceptions that prove the rule. So, why wouldn’t Palin at least complete her term of Governor, if not run for re-election in 2010, assuming she wants to give the Presidency a shot, and very possibly in 2012.

Well, part of the answer to that question may come from a look at the spread of Republican voters. Clearly Palin had and has quite a following among the cultural conservatives of her party. But, to expand her following to include more centrists in her party and independents, she has to grow, or as Palin might say, “progress,” her reputation as a national and foreign policy wonk. Clearly, she was sub par in those areas during the election last year.

Battling it out, day to day, for the next 18 months, in the trenches in Alaska state politics, might not allow for the Palin self-improvement plan. Palin is already committed to write a book. Ideally, she might also write a half dozen solid articles on national and foreign policy issues-- and start a think tank on foreign policy. Perhaps, Palin can earn some big money giving speeches and heading up the think tank, and she might be able to use both in her campaign

Thus, giving up the governorship may make a lot of sense, giving Palin the time she needs to ready herself for a Presidential run. Yes, it will allow her Republican and Democratic opponents to argue Palin is a quitter, who didn’t complete the reform she set out to achieve in Alaska. But, if she can get past that, Palin can argue she took reform to the next stage, the Presidential stage, and helped Alaska in the process. Thus, the resignation may not ensure the Republican nomination for President for Palin, but it keeps her in the ballgame. And, that is something she may have sensed was slipping away, until yesterday.
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