Sunday, June 21, 2009

Berkowitz joins Kevin White as a guest on Roeser's radio show tonight

Jeff Berkowitz will join Kevin White, 2006 5th CD Republican Nominee, as a guest tonight on Tom Roeser’s weekly, Sunday, call-in radio show, Political Shoot-out, WLS 890 AM Radio, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
You say you don't live within the WLS broadcast area? Not to worry. You can go here to listen to the program, live, on the web.[You may encounter some technical problems in signing on-- allow five minutes, or so, for following the prompts for technical difficulties, and you should be able to hear WLS live on the web] See here for Tom’s Blog which has Tom's thoughts on a great many matters, political and otherwise.

Upset with something Berkowitz said on his show [] or the [Public Affairs page], something he wrote on this blog or just the way he looks? Tom Roeser’s show on Sunday night is your chance to fire back. A free fire zone, so to speak. Also, you can help shape the show and its topics by calling in with your questions and comments—312-591-8900.

Political personalities or pols who might be discussed tonight include President Obama, Cook County Cmsr. Claypool, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, Republican House Leader Tom Cross, Senate President Cullerton, Senate Republican Leader Radogno, Attorney General Madigan, Gov. Quinn, Republican Primary actual and potential Gov. Candidates Brady, Andrzejewski, Murphy, Dillard and Proft and Democratic and Republican Guv candidates too numerous to mention, Cong. Schakowsky, Cong. Kirk, Treasurer Giannoulias, Chris Kennedy, Cheryl Jackson, Cong. Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, DuPage County Board Chairman Schillerstrom, DuPage SA Birkett, John Kass, Mike Flannery, Carol Marin, Cmsrs. Peraica and Schneider; Paul Vallas, Ald. Preckwinkle, Sheriff Tom Dart and many, many more.

--What's the real reason Comm. Claypool decided not to run for Cook County Board President in the Democratic Primary?

--What's the real reason Cong. Schakowsky decided not to run for the Senate? Did someone tell her to break a leg when she went to Gitmo? Did she misunderstand and break her ankle? Is she a trooper?

--Is Sheriff Tom Dart likely to run for AG or Cook County Board President? WWSSWHTD?

--Will Lisa Madigan run for Senator or Governor? WWSMW?

--Could Cong. Kirk beat Madigan for Senator or Governor?

--Is Kirk unwilling to run against Madigan?

--If Kirk doesn't run for re-election in 10th CD, will Senator Garrett seek that seat? Dan Seals? Senator Bond?

--Could Pres. Todd Stroger win re-election?

--Will the Illinois House join the Illinois Senate and pass a major increase in the State Income tax

--Will Senator Burris tough it out until the end of his term in 2010? Could he win a five way primary race with three strong white opponents? Giannoulias, Madigan and Kennedy? and African-American, former Blagojevich Communications Director Cheryl Jackson? Would President Obama not endorse in that race? Would Cong. Kirk be favored to beat the Democratic Nominee, whoever it is?

--What will it take for the Illinois Republican Party to become the party of ideas? Somebody realizing they could take some ideas from the Illinois Policy Institute? Somebody realizing they could take some ideas from the Heartland Institute? Has a candidate already started to do that?

--Who would be next in line among the Republicans to run for Governor if that's how that decision were made? Joe Birkett? Who does Bob Kjellander want there? Who does the recently indicted Bill Cellini want there? Is the Illinois Combine alive and well? Is the Pope Catholic?

--How important is Chairman McKenna to who becomes the Republican State-wide nominees?

--Will Illinois Republicans be able to unite around the new Senate Republican Leader Christine Rodogno, and the continued leadership of House Republican Leader Tom Cross, both of whom are moderates, at least on social issues.

--Can Andy McKenna, Jr. hang on as State GOP Chairman for another year? Or, did his opposition to SB 600 doom him with the party activists?

--Will State GOP Chairman Andy McKenna, Jr. be kicked upstairs soon? After two State general election disasters under the "Leadership of McKenna," are the money guys getting restless? Are there any money guys left in State GOP? money ladies? bag ladies?

--Did Chicago Tonight manage to do its 100th consecutive interview of a liberal book author recently Do conservatives not do book tours in Chicago? Or, does the Chicago Tonight staff just not read the books of those authors?

--What examples would Chicago Tonight give of ideological diversity among their hosts/interviewers?

--Was putting Palin on the ticket a major mistake by McCain?

--Did Sarah Palin demonstrate she has insuffient knowledge of domestic and foreign policy issues to be the Republican front-runner for 2012

This reporter doesn't know the topics for tonight—they are determined by Mr. Roeser, with some incisive suggestions, no doubt, by his lovely, energetic and intelligent wife Lillian. However, an educated guess is that the questions will consist of various Illinois, national and Obama transition issues, possibly selected from the above, or below, questions, some of which are holdovers from prior episodes of "Political Shootout," or "Public Affairs."

--Could Paul Vallas win as a Republican candidate for Governor?
Could he get out of the R Primary?

--Does the Chicago Public School system spend more than $15,000 per kid per year to try to educate kids? Did Arne Duncan tell the truth about this? Does Ron Huberman tell the truth about this? If not, why not?

--Will the Illinois Republican Party restore its brand by opposing the Quinn income tax increase? Will Cross and Radogno keep the party united on this issue?

--Is Obama's cautious nature both his strength and his weakness?

-- Did RNC Chairman Michael Steele do a good job of speaking to the DuPage County Republicans (and to the media) in February?

Did Steele make a mixtake when he criticised Rush Limbaugh? or, was it a mistake to apologize to Rush? Did Steele make a mistake when he spoke recently of a woman's individual choice on the abortion issue?

--Will Kjellander be indicted? Cellini convicted?

--Will U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald be promoted? be removed? fall off a horse?

--Will Al Sanchez sing? More Heartburn for Mayou Daley's ears?
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