Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost as good as Berkowitz w/Obama: Berkowitz w/ 5th CD candidate Tom Geoghegan on healthcare, War, abortion and more: Cable and Streaming

Jeff Berkowitz: People who have choices [among countries for health care], say, people who are in Canada, come across the border to the United States for their health care. Very few people choose to go from the United States to Canada [which has a single payer healthcare system] for their health care. Don’t you have the idea that—

Tom Geoghegan, Illinois 5th Cong. Dist. Dem. Primary Candidate: That’s not true. That is not true, Jeff. [Watch Geoghegan here]

Jeff Berkowitz: You have a lot of people crossing over from Detroit and going to Canada [to purchase health care]?

Tom Geoghegan (D-Chicago), 5th CD Candidate: I see plenty of ads in the buses now—You know, if you can’t go to Canada, please come to us for healthcare. I have friends who live in Europe who would never come back to the United States for healthcare.
Tonight’s suburban edition of Public Affairs features Tom Geoghegan, Illinois 5th CD Democratic Primary Candidate, airing in 24 Chicago Metro Suburbs. For details on the suburban airing schedule for tonight and the rest of this week, the airing schedule for the show in Chicago, Aurora and Rockford, more about Illinois’ 5th Cong. Dist. race [to replace Cong. Rahm Emanuel, who is now White House Chief of Staff] and more about 5th CD candidate Tom Geoghegan, please go here. The special primary election in the 5th CD is March 3, 2009.

You can also watch the show with candidate Geoghegan on your computer. The show was taped on February 15, 2009.

You can also watch on your computer our shows with 5th CD Democratic Candidates Charlie Wheelan and State Rep. John Fritchey. 5th CD Republican Primary candidate Greg Bedell will be featured in next week’s suburban edition of Public Affairs. Cook County Comm. Mike Quigley (D-Chicago) did the show last November, before he became a 5th CD candidate, and was willing to answer national issue questions for the last third of the show [Watch 1/3 5th CD Candidate Quigley here] and then proceeded to cancel two scheduled appearances to do a show devoted exclusively to national issues. 5th CD Candidate Sara Feigenholtz declined, in early January, to tape the show, as she has throughout most of her 14 year career as a politician.
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"Public Affairs," is a weekly political interview show airing in Chicago on CANTV, in the Chicago metro area, Aurora and Rockford on Comcast and also often on the Illinois Channel. You can watch the shows, including archived shows going back to 2005, here.
Recently posted shows on the Public Affairs YouTube page include shows with 5th Cong. Dist. Democratic Primary candidate Tom Geoghegan, 5th Cong. Dist. Democratic Primary Candidate and State Rep. John Fritchey (D-Chicago), 5th Cong. Dist. Democratic Primary Candidate Charles Wheelan, State Senator Kwame Raoul on impeachment(D-Chicago), Democratic political campaign consultant Pete Giangreco on Blago's impeachment and the way in which the Obama Administration will operate, a recent Bill O'Reilly segment w/Berkowitz on Obama, shows with State Rep. Julie Hamos, (D-Evanston) newly minted State Rep. Mark Walker (D-Arlington Heights), essentially the first Dem to represent his district since the Civil War, on the connection between the mess in Springfield and in Cook County government, Chicago Alderman Manuel (Manny) Flores (D-1st Ward, Wicker Park) on impeachment of Rod, Chicago issues and a possible run to replace 5th CD Cong. Emanuel and much more.