Monday, February 16, 2009

Better than Bob Schieffer w/ Robert Gibbs: Berkowitz w/5th CD candidate Tom Geoghegan on Single Payer, Bailouts & Social Security, Cable and Streaming

You can now watch here the Public Affairs show with Tom Geoghegan, 5th Cong. Dist. Primary Candidate and Democratic plaintiff's labor lawyer activist [D-Chicago]
This week's Chicago Metro suburban edition of "Public Affairs," features 5th Cong. Dist. Democratic Primary candidate (D-Chicago)Tom Geoghegan discussing and debating domestic policy, foreign policy and cultural issues. See, below, for more about the show's topics, and the Chicago Metro suburban airing schedule.
The 5th CD special primary election is on March 3, 2009. The former holder of the Illinois 5th CD seat was Cong. Rahm Emanuel, who resigned in January to become White House Chief of Staff. Rahm Emanuel appeared on Public Affairs during the March, 2002 primary, as well as after that as a Congressman.
The show with Tom Geoghegan was taped on February 15, 2009 and can be watched on your oomputer.
Democratic activist and labor attorney Tom Geoghegan (D-Chicago), a 5th CD Dem. Primary Candidate, will be featured on the Suburban edition of Public Affairs during the week of Feb. 16, 2009.
Tom Geoghegan, a 5th Cong Dist. Democratic Primary candidate running in the March 3, 2009 special election to replace Cong.Rahm Emanuel, debates and discusses the issues with show host and executive legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz in this week's suburban edition of "Public Affairs.".

Tom Geoghegan has lived in Chicago for the last thirty years. He is a plaintiff's labor lawyer, handling, among other matters, employment discrimination cases involving age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, etc. claims. His cases also involve pension rights, healthcare and immigation.

Geoghegan received an undergraduate degree from Harvard and he graduated from Harvard Law School. After college, Tom worked in journalism at the New Republic before going to law school. Tom has worked in the law department at the United Mine Workers, as a policy analyst at the Department of Energy and was a law partner with long time Chicago reformer and independent alderman, Leon Despres.

For more about Tom Geoghegan and his 5th CD candidacy, please go here.

Topics discussed on the show with Cong. candidate Geoghegan include his proposal for a single payer healhcare system, whether people in the U. S., on average, would choose to receive their health care in Canada over the U. S., raising payroll taxes for social security for those with incomes greater than 100K, raising marginal tax rates for those with high incomes, e.g., 91% for those in the highest tax bracket, taxing the rich; the issue of some of Obama's cabinet officials and some of those appointed to the cabinet not paying their income taxes.

Additional topics discussed include the bailouts of the financial sector and the stimulus plan that passed both chambers of congress this past week; Is some of the Stimulus plan spending projected to occur more than several years from now? What does Geoghegan think of sending BOA and CityBank into a receivership? Does Geoghegan believe in capitalism? Is he a free trader? Does he support the Employee Free Choice Act? Is Comm.Quigley only a 'third of a candidate?

Aditional topics discussed include the Iraq War Powers resolution in the Fall of 2002. If Geoghegan had been in Congress at that time, how would he have voted in terms of authorizing the President to take military action in Iraq? Does Geoghegan support a doubling of U. S. troops in Afghanistan? did the Surge in Iraq work? Is democracy working in Iraq?

As a lifelong practicing Catholic, what does Geoghegan personally think of abortion, Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to choose. As a practicing Catholic, what does he think about same sex marriage or civil unions? Gun Control?
Public Affairs Chicago Metro suburban airing schedule.

The show featuring 5th Cong. Dist. Democratic Primary candidate Tom Geoghegan is airing this week in the North and Northwest Chicago Metro suburbs in its regular slot:

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Channel 19 in Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, parts of Inverness, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Northfield, Palatine, Rolling Meadows and Wilmette

and Tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Channel 35 in Arlington Heights, Bartlett, Glenview, Golf, Des Plaines, Hanover Park, Mt. Prospect, Northbrook, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Schaumburg, Skokie, Streamwood and Wheeling.

and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Channel 19 in Bannockburn, Deerfield, Ft. Sheridan, Glencoe, Highland Park, Highwood, Kenilworth, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods and Winnetka.
The "Public Affairs," show featuring Tom Geoghegan, 5th Cong. Dist. Primary Candidate and Democratic plaintiff's labor lawyer activist [D-Chicago], will also air throughout the City of Chicago this coming Monday night, February 23, 2009, at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21(CANTV) and that same night on cable in Aurora and surrounding areas at 7:30 pm on ACTV-10. The Aurora station, Aurora Community Television, Comcast Cable Ch. 10, reaches all of Aurora, Bristol, Big Rock and parts of Oswego, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Montgomery.
The "Public Affairs," show featuring Tom Geoghegan, 5th Cong. Dist. Primary Candidate and Democratic plaintiff's labor lawyer activist [D-Chicago], will also air throughout the City of Rockford (and in surrounding areas) a week from this coming Thursday night, February 26 at 8:00 pm on Cable Ch. 17. The surrounding areas reached by Ch. 17 include Byron, Cedarville, Cherry Valley, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Mount Morris, New Milford, Portions of Ogle County, Oregon, Polo, Stillman Valley, Winnebago, Portions of Boone County and Poplar Grove.
The "Public Affairs," show featuring Tom Geoghegan, 5th Cong. Dist. Primary Candidate and Democratic plaintiff's labor lawyer activist [D-Chicago], may also air throughout the State of Illinois on the Illinois Channel.
Jeff Berkowitz, Show Host/Producer of "Public Affairs," and Executive Legal Recruiter doing legal search can be reached at *************************************************************
"Public Affairs," is a weekly political interview show airing in Chicago on CANTV, in the Chicago metro area, Aurora and Rockford on Comcast and also often on the Illinois Channel. You can watch the shows, including archived shows going back to 2005, here.
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