Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Berkowitz on Hannity & Colmes tonight: Can he continue the winning streak?

Update: Missed Berkowitz on Hannity & Colmes at 8:30 pm? No problem, watch it when it airs again at 11:30 pm this evening [Fox News Channel]. Watch a video clip of an Obama interview with Berkowitz from 2006 on the Hezbollah-Lebanon conflict and Berkowitz discussing with Hannity & Colmes whether Obama should be speaking out now on the Hamas-Israel conflict and what Obama might say and do about that conflict, his first foreign policy test, come January 20, 2009.
In the Winter of 2007, as Obama began his Presidential campaign, Berkowitz started a different kind of campaign, with a cameo from his show airing on Special Report-- Brit Hume’s premier FNC News Hour. Seemed to go well, or so the critics said.

In the Fall of 2008, Berkowitz, who says he is the white line down the middle of the road and who others say is slightly center-right, took a stab at what many call the “dark side,” of the political debate, with an appearance on the New York Times video page. Not bad, the critics said. For more about President-Elect Obama, his TV appearances on “Public Affairs,” and Berkowitz interviewed and interviewing, go here to watch the fastest five minute video on the web.

In the Winter of 2008, Berkowitz ventured onto O’Reilly. He was warned Bill could chew him up and spit him out for dinner. But, again, the critics said he more than held his own.

Tonight, it’s Hannity and Colmes, in the last few days of their partnership, with Sean Hannity starting a new show on his own this coming Monday. This could be a dangerous time for Berkowitz, with both of his interrogators looking for easy prey. Four in a row or his first national failure? They will discuss, you decide. That’s tonight, Fox News Channel, 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm (CST). The exact airing time of the Berkowitz segment? To be determined.