Saturday, December 27, 2008

Better than Callaway w/ Christie Hefner:Ald. Flores w/Berkowitz on a run for IL 5th CD, Jarrett for Senate, Green Economy & Obama, Cable and Streaming

Chicago Ald. Manny Flores (1st Ward, D-Wicker Park): ...What I am going to say here today is that at this time I am not running for the seat [to replace Cong. Rahm Emanuel] [Watch Ald. Flores here] ...

Jeff Berkowitz: You are not running as of this time, but would you consider it?

Ald. Flores: I don't know what the future is going to be even for this particular--

Berkowitz: Why not run? Who do you think is better? We've got a list of eight names...
Jeff Berkowitz: If it turns out there is a special election… [to replace Obama in the Senate], who would you like to see running?

Ald. Flores: I like Valerie Jarrett.

Jeff Berkowitz: You like Valerie Jarrett.

Ald. Flores: I like Valerie Jarrett.

Jeff Berkowitz: Over Luis Gutierrez, if he runs?

Ald. Flores: I like Valerie Jarrett.

Jeff Berkowitz: Over Jan Schakowsky, if she runs.

Ald. Flores: I think that Valerie Jarrett is the best candidate. I think that given again her background, her experience, she would be a consensus builder…
Jeff Berkowitz: If you had to choose between working on comprehensive immigration reform in the Congress and green initiatives in the city council, where would you go?

Ald. Flores: I haven’t thought of it in those terms.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, that’s the question for you.

Ald. Flores: I’ve thought of it in terms of continuing the type of leadership that I’ve shown in the area of green economy and getting the Green Exchange up and running..

Jeff Berkowitz: We are going to continue to speak as the credits roll…tell us about the Green Exchange.

Ald. Flores: Green collar jobs. 270,000 sq. ft. facility. It will be LEEDs platinum certified…that is located on Maplewood and Diversy in the 1st Ward, in the northern part—

Jeff Berkowitz: That’s going to advance the cause of green initiatives—

Ald. Flores: Green collar jobs—

Jeff Berkowitz: What are we talking green—

Ald. Flores: We are talking about professional services, we are talking about manufacturing, we are talking about the full panoply, the very broad spectrum that this new green economy presents for our country and I am very passionate about it. We have some very unique projects, ones that I believe will be projects that our new President [Obama] will be able to point to as clear examples of what we can do to transform our economy.

Jeff Berkowitz: ...Let’s go back …to Barack Obama, an accommodator or is he a reformer?

Ald. Flores: He is a heckuva leader and I’m not going to--

Jeff Berkowitz: If you had to choose between those two?

Ald. Flores: I am not going to label him because I don’t believe in labels. I believe in getting the job done for people. And, I believe in getting it done in a way that you include people, in a way that you—

Jeff Berkowitz: Will he have the troops out of Iraq in sixteen months? Will he do that?

Ald. Flores: I don’t have that crystal ball, Jeff. I will tell you this

Jeff Berkowitz: ...Didn’t he make that promise?

Ald. Flores: I think that if makes a promise…
From this coming week's suburban edition of Public Affairs, watch (Ald. Flores, D-1st Ward, Wicker Park) on impeachment of Rod, a Senate Election to replace Obama, the 2010 Gubernatorial race, City of Chicago issues, Flores' Green initiatives, a possible run to replace 5th CD Cong. Emanuel and much, much more
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