Friday, December 12, 2008

The Fastest six minutes on the Web: Watch Bill O'Reilly question Berkowitz about his 2002 interview w/Obama about Blagojevich

Bill O’Reilly: And [Obama] was going to go along to get along and … now Blagojevich comes back and [Obama] is right in the middle of it, right?

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, Bill, that is a little unfair, in 2002, we didn’t know [Blagojevich] would be the kind of guy who would be … trading senate seats in exchange for cabinet positions and so forth…but on the other hand it is interesting that [Obama] was "working hard," in his words, for Rod Blagojevich. It would be interesting to know how hard. Some people say…

An O'Reilly Factor exclusive, December 11, 2008
Missed last night's segment with O'Reilly going one on one with Berkowitz on the O'Reilly Factor? Not to worry. That segment, when Bill O'Reilly and Jeff Berkowitz discussed the clip of the June 27, 2002 interview of Obama by Berkowitz [aired on the segment] about Blagojevich, and much more, can now be watched here. And, you can read more about that segment here.
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