Monday, March 10, 2008

Better than a Spitzer Prostitution Presser: Berkowitz w/Rep. Hamos on Blagojevich and Reform, Cable and Streaming

State Rep. Julie Hamos: …I have no clue why [Governor Blagojevich] did that. It was a throwaway line ... because he is looking for easy, cheap revenues. He doesn’t want to do the hard work...

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A partial transcript of this week's show with Rep. Hamos , recorded on Feb. 24, 2008, is included directly below:

State Rep. Julie Hamos: …I have no clue why [Governor Blagojevich] did that. It was a throwaway line [proposing an increase to 70% of the tax on casino revenue at the same time the State is trying to get a maximum bid on the 10th casino license] because he is looking for easy, cheap revenues. He doesn’t want to do the hard work of passing something very real. That’s the problem we have with our Governor.
Jeff Berkowitz: …Blagojevich …last year came out with a proposal for a twenty five billion dollar capital budget plan. We don’t really know if he is suggesting the same this year because as people always say, “he doesn’t give you the details,” and as Speaker Mike Madigan and others would say, “The devil is in the details,” right? And [Speaker Mike] uses that term, “The devil,”

Rep. Julie Hamos: The devil is in the details, right.

Jeff Berkowitz: We know who the Speaker means when he says “the devil.”

Rep. Julie Hamos: I think we do.

Jeff Berkowitz: That would be Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Rep. Julie Hamos: They’re not very friendly with each other.
Rep. Julie Hamos (D-Evanston): …it was very important to me to create an integrated, regional [transit] system. And, what I believe we also accomplished in this bill is a set of reforms that give the RTA much more power in dealing with the three transit agencies, so that they will work as one—hopefully not such a dysfunctional family. That they will really work together to create one system. We had to give RTA new roles, new powers, new accountability—a much different kind of relationship there.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, some critics might ask-- is there reform in terms of how the kids act: how the CTA acts, how Metra acts, how PACE acts, or is it going to be the same old way? Do you sort of have the unions pushing for higher [wage] settlements which result in higher fares and a bunch of featherbedding rules , if we can steal a term from the railroads which used to be used [to describe make work union rules]. You know, instead of auctioning off [bus] routes to the most efficient person or vendor, that is, too ask—how much do you think you could run this route for? We have a lot of routes that private individuals claim are run inefficiently. That would be reform because then you are auctioning the routes off as opposed to just going to them to the CTA, which in a sense is a monopoly.

Rep. Julie Hamos: Jeff, we didn’t get into that level of what I would consider micro-management.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, could you do that now?

Rep. Julie Hamos: I would say we did not do that. What we did is we gave more responsibility and authority to the RTA to be the parent agency it needs to be.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you think they’ll do that?

Rep. Julie Hamos:
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