Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking News: Gov. Spitzer to resign tonight over his involvement in pricey prostitution ring, reports FNC

Fox News Channel earlier today reported that Democrat Governor Spitzer would be indicted and would be resigning his position of Governor of New York. Then, FNC seemed to be backing off, with Greta van Susteren reading from a federal complaint that does not name Spitzer as a defendant, but refers to someone as Customer No. 9 involved in a pricey ($5500/Hour, say some reports) prostitution ring. Van Susteren said she heard someone on FNC earlier in the day say that Customer No. 9 is Spitzer, but she saw no such identification in the Complaint.

However, more detailed information about Spitzer troubles was reported earlier in the day by the New York Times, and the FNC, perhaps in a first, relied in large part on the New York Times report that Spitzer is Customer No. 9

Governor Spitzer, earlier today with his wife of many years and mother of his three kids at his side, apologized, in a public statement, to his family for something he characterized as a "private matter," but he took no questions and did not announce his resignation.

In the last hour, FNC's Shepard Smith reported, on air, that Governor Spitzer will announce his resignation as Governor of New York at 6:00 pm (EST) this evening and that Lt. Gov. David Paterson will be sworn in as the first African-American Governor of New York shortly thereafter. Patterson, a 54 year old, who is legally blind, but not so much that he can't move around a basketball court pretty well, was described this afternoon as very liberal by a Fox "guest," on the FNC report. The guest referenced Patterson's support for a "shoot to wound," directive to police when suspects are fleeing the scene and police feel their lives are in danger.

Spitzer, previously a very active U. S. Attorney, cruised to victory as Governor in 2006, with something like a 70% popularity rating. In terms of current presidential politics, David Axelrod, Senator Barack Obama's media guru and perhaps primary strategist in Obama's Presidential campaign, was quite involved in Spitzer's ascent to Governor. On the other hand, Spitzer has been an active supporter of Senator Clinton's run for President. It's a small world when it comes to the key players in Democratic Presidential Politics.
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