Monday, October 22, 2007

Better than Monday Night Football: 8th CD Kirk Morris (R) on Abortion, Bean, Immigration, Ginsburg, Cable and Streaming

Tonight's City of Chicago and City of Aurora editions of Public Affairs feature Kirk Morris (R-Gurnee), 8th Cong. Dist. Republican Primary Candidate, looking to take on Cong. Bean (D-Barrington) in the 2008 fall general election.

8th CD candidate Kirk Morris debates and discusses with show host and Executive Legal Recruiter Jeff Berkowitz a broad range of domestic, foreign and cultural public policy issues from a woman's right to choose and a parent's right to choose to Cong. Bean's abuse of taxpayer funds to civil liberties to national security to "torture," to the War to warrantless wiretaps to tax cuts to Cong. Bean's flip flopping on access of the public to her issue positions and much, much more.
The show with Kirk Morris (R-Gurnee, 8th CD) airs through-out the City of Chicago tonight [Oct. 22] at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] and tonight at 7:30 pm on Aurora Community Television, on Comcast Cable Ch. 10 in Aurora and some surrounding areas. The Aurora station reaches all of Aurora, Bristol, Big Rock and parts of Oswego, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Montgomery.
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A partial transcript of tonight's "Public Affairs," show with guest 8th CD Republican Candidate Kirk Morris (Gurnee) is included, directly, below.
Illegal Immigration:

Jeff Berkowitz: McCain, Kennedy, Gutierrez, comprehensive immigration reform, border control…, you would have voted no on that.

Kirk Morris (R-Gurnee, 8th CD): We cannot do the full tancredo but we do have areas that we can agree on: one is securing the border—yesterday.

Jeff Berkowitz: You support that, but not comprehensive—not an earned path to citizenship, not yet?

Kirk Morris (R-Gurnee, 8th CD): Absolutely- we cannot give immigration…we cannot give amnesty to anybody. Citizenship in this country is conferred. It is not to be demanded on me and you cannot buy it at any price.

Bush Tax Cuts:

Jeff Berkowitz: Tax cuts? You support making the Bush tax cuts permanent?

Kirk Morris: Permanent.

Jeff Berkowitz: Unequivocally, you say that.

Kirk Morris: Unequivocally permanent.


Jeff Berkowitz: Education, you would support school vouchers, school choice?

Kirk Morris: I think school choice is important. I think—

Jeff Berkowitz: School vouchers you support?

Kirk Morris: That would be school choice.

Jeff Berkowitz: Charter schools you support. Civil unions you support?

Civil Unions and Same Sex Marriage:

Kirk Morris: Civil unions—I would support those.

Jeff Berkowitz: Same sex marriage?

Kirk Morris: I would not vote for legislation giving that. No.

Abortion, Federalism and Justice Ginsburg:

Jeff Berkowitz: You’re Pro-Choice?

Kirk Morris: I am---I am, uh, that’s a very divisive issue—

Jeff Berkowitz: You want to return abortion [the issue] to the states?

Kirk Morris: I believe that is where it belongs.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, you would not like to make abortion illegal, even with the exceptions for the life of the mother, rape and incest?

Kirk Morris: I would vote for and continue to support the Hyde Amendment [Bans federal spending on abortion]. I would work very hard at getting parental notification. I would continue the ban on partial birth abortions, but I would not want to take away a woman’s right to make choices over her body. I don’t think—I cannot make that. But, that is a state issue. That is where that belongs.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, in that sense you would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned and send that issue back to the states.

Kirk Morris: Even [Justice] Ruth [Bader] Ginsburg would like to see it overturned and sent back to the states.

Jeff Berkowitz: She told you that personally?

Kirk Morris (R-Gurnee, 8th CD): No, she hasn’t. I read it.
8th CD Republican Primary candidate Kirk Morris, as he is airing tonight at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21, CANTV on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs and tonight at 7:30 pm on Aurora Community Television, on Comcast Cable Ch. 10 in Aurora and some surrounding areas. The show was recorded on October 7, 2007.[You may also go here to watch Kirk Morris, Cong. Bean [January, 2006], Presidential Candidates Obama and Giuliani and many other politicians on].
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