Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dan Proft, on the State GOP and Obama, on Cable and Streaming

Dan Proft: [The State GOP] is just a barren landscape. The governing ethos of the Party right now is warlordocracy. It is like Somalia...
This week’s suburban edition of Public Affairs features Dan Proft, a Republican campaign consultant. Proft, a principal at Urquhartmedia,LTD.[www.urquhartmedia.com], has worked on a variety of political campaigns, including from 1996-2002 that of moderate State Rep. Beth Coulson [R-Glenview]; State Senator Pat O'Malley, conservative Republican Primary candidate for Governor in 2002; Jack Ryan and Alan Keyes, conservative Republican Candidates for the U. S. Senate in 2004; County Commissioner Tony Peraica, conservative Republican nominee in 2006 for the President of the Cook County Board and for candidates in Cicero, Rosemont and Chicago Heights.

Proft does a weekly commentary on WLS AM Radio's top rated Don and Roma show.

The airing schedule for the suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” is included, below.
The show with Proft also airs through-out the City of Chicago this coming Monday night [June 11] at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV].
You may also watch the show with Dan Proft on your computer at PublicAffairsTV.com. In addition to the Proft show, additional recent shows posted on our video podcast site are shows featuring Roberto Maldonado, a Cook County Commissioner who is running in the 4th CD Democratic Primary in 2008, State Reps. Julie Hamos, Jim Durkin, Paul Froehlich and John Fritchey, former State GOP chairman Gary MacDougal, Presidential candidates Obama, Giuliani, McCain and Cox, and many other pols and opinion makers.
Proft debates and discusses with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz the following questions and topics: Did the decline of the state GOP, which has manifested it in the last six years, begin with Governor Jim Thompson in the late 1970s and 1980s when the Illinois GOP missed the Reagan Revolution; Was the State GOP during the 70s and 80's a corporatist culture with no foundation; Did the state GOP, historically and currently, have no guiding set of principles to inform its decisions; Did the Pay to Play aspects of the Democratic and Republican parties morph into the Daley-Ryan Combine and is the Combine alive and well? Did Jack Ryan self destruct or was he pushed over the cliff by Topinka/Edgar/Kjellander? Why Alan Keyes “seemed like a good idea at the time;” Why Topinka lost big time to Blagojevich; The continued decline of the State GOP in 2007; Will the State GOP stand up as a Party to the Illinois Democratic Party's efforts to raise taxes? Who is the strongest GOP Presidential Candidate? Are Thompson and Obama perceived as whatever their bases want them to be? Does Obama transcend race and politics? Who has the capacity, vision and ideas to lead the Free World? Is Obama the best combination of politics and public policy of any Presidential candidate? Do Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson have “star,” power? And, much, much more.
A partial transcript of this week's suburban show is included directly below.
Dan Proft: [The State GOP] is just a barren landscape. The governing ethos of the Party right now is warlordocracy. It is like Somalia, you have a bunch of people running around trying to guard their little piece of the turf and stick a flag in that piece of the turf. There is no cohesion, there is no interconnection between these people. There is no overarching philosophy about what it means to be a Republican, what Republicans are going to do if they are in control and even what Republicans are against. I mean in this state we cannot even get our House and Senate Republican caucuses to stand up categorically against tax increases.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, they seem to be doing that.

Dan Proft: No, no. To stand up categorically against tax increases, not just the GRT[Gross Receipts tax proposed by Governor Blagojevich], but tax increases.

Jeff Berkowitz: They seem to be doing that on the state level. Tom Cross is talking a pretty strong game about not supporting any tax increases and, of course, he is the Republican leader in the State House.

Dan Proft: We'll see what Madigan proposes and what happens.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you think Tom Cross might succumb and support a tax increase?

Dan Proft: Members of [his caucus] will. Yeah. They will.

Jeff Berkowitz: Frank Watson [Senate Republican Leader], members of his Senate Caucus will support a tax increase?

Dan Proft: Watson will be a lot less likely to. I think Watson holds his Caucus together much better than Cross does.

Jeff Berkowitz: If they do that, if they stay tough-- the Republican House and Senate caucuses stay tough...they don't support any tax increases, would you say maybe the tide is turning?

Dan Proft: That's a start. Absolutely, that's a start...you have to say this is what we are against, that's the perfect role for the minority...
Dan Proft, as he is airing this week on Public Affairs in 35 Chicago Metro suburbs [See below for the suburban airing schedule] and as will be airing on Monday, June 11, 2007, 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21, CANTV on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs and on Monday, June 11, 2007 at 7:30 pm on Aurora Community Television, on Comcast Cable Ch. 10 in Aurora and some surrounding areas. The show was recorded on May 20, 2007.[You may also go here to watch Proft on PublicAffairsTV.com].
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