Thursday, April 12, 2007

Breaking News: Corzine Injured and a Hypocritical Media Lynching of Imus?

Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” anchor Brit Hume stated during the last ninety minutes that New Jersey Gov. Corzine had been injured in a hit and run accident while the Governor was apparently riding in a government owned van. The injury was said not to be “life-threatening,” but Hume commented that the visual of the accident scene had the look of a serious accident. [See here, also]

Shortly after the news of the Corzine accident, MSNBC News reported, in an on-air crawler displayed over tonight's previously recorded, 6:00 pm [CST] edition of Hardball [aka Softball, with David Gregory-- when Democrats and/or liberals are guests, that is], that Don Imus was on his way to New Jersey Governor Corzine's mansion to meet with the Rutgers University female basketball team, family members of the team and the team’s coach, a meeting that is occurring even as this post is being prepared.

Imus, who was fired during the last two days from both his radio slot at CBS and his TV slot on MSNBC, was thought to be ready to apologize personally to the ten female basketball players—for his characterization of some of the players as “nappy headed hos,” during his TV's show re-airing of clips of the Tennessee-Rutgers female NCAA basketball championship game. The Rutgers basketball team consists of eight African-Ameican and two white females.

In his last show this morning, the 66 year-old, cowboy hat wearing, Imus called the media “hypocritical in its coverage of the flap,” and Imus said he had “apologized enough for his remarks.” Nonetheless, Imus said he would apologize to the Rutgers team in person [See here].

In terms of hypocrisy, many pundits, reporters and opinion makers have taken note of the widespread use of the term “ho” in various entertainment contexts, e.g., rap, hip-hop and other music venues, including products of many African-American recording artists. Yet, Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton, two individuals who have been leading the charge against Imus, have not been noted for leading any effort to boycott those entities that promote or sponsor recording artists who make heavy use of “ho” “bitch” and other derogatory terms about females, African-American or otherwise.

In a perhaps related comment, Rev. Jackson was reported by WTTW’s Chicago Tonight last night as having said [after the report of Imus being fired at MSNBC],“There must be more diversity of [television] hosts. We must desegregate the airwaves. We can’t stop here. [See here, also for more about Rev. Jackson using the Imus incident to promote Jackson as a "sponsor," of jobs in the best tradition of Chicago politics]. It will be interesting to see if Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson or those they sponsor receive some consideration as replacements for Don Imus’ two previously held media spots.
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