Friday, April 06, 2007

Berkowitz and Pulido join Roeser on Easter: Immigration-- Resurrection or Insurrection?

Jeff Berkowitz will join Roseanna Pulido, leader of the Illinois Minutemen as a guest this Sunday night [7th Night of Passover] on Tom Roeser’s weekly, call-in radio show, Political Shoot-out, WLS 890 AM Radio, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. See here for Tom’s Blog which has more about the show and Tom's thoughts on a great many matters, political and otherwise.

A while back we were told by Eric Zorn that Roeser has righteous blog chops, and that, perhaps, is the highest compliment you can get from Eric. Zorn of course is a Chicago Tribune columnist and viewed by many as the the father of Chicago blogging. Since Roeser bestowed on Zorn that honor, some intellectual hostilties have broken out between the two bloggers. Does Zorn still think Roeser has righteous blog chops? Who knows- perhaps Zorn will call in on Sunday night and tell us. A duel at twenty paces, or on the airwaves? [And go here to watch Dec. 27 show with Zorn (and Dan Proft) making year end predictions and analyses].

Upset with something Berkowitz said on his show, Public Affairs, or something he wrote on this blog? or something Pulido said somewhere—Tom Roeser’s show on Sunday night is your chance to fire back. A free fire zone, so to speak. Also, you can help shape the show and its topics by calling in with your questions and comments—312-591-8900. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Communists [no collect calls, please] and others are, of course, all welcome.

Tom tells us we may discuss Illinois legislation coming down the pike [it has already passed the House, HB 1100] that permits illegal aliens [or is it undocumented individuals] to obtain driver licenses. I think Tom means a "driving certificate." Or does he? [See here for some pros and cons of HB 1100]. And, see here for a May 24, 2006 TV show with University of Illinois, Chicago Professor Barry Chiswick and University of Chicago Professor Hoyt Bleakley discussing the economic impact of immigration in the United States.

Also joining Roeser's show by phone Sunday night will be Phil Kerpen, the policy director for Americans for Prosperity. I am thinking we may be talking taxes, maybe even about a Gross Receipts Tax and "supply side," economcs. [See here for a March 25, 2007, TV interview with Illinois Chief Operating Officer John Filan about Gov. Blagojevich's proposed Gross Receipts Tax]. Who knows, we may even discuss "demand side," economics. And, maybe even jobs, free lunches and social justice.

Other than what Tom has said on his blog, I don’t know the topics—they are determined by Mr. Roeser, with some incisive suggestions, no doubt, by his lovely, charismatic and intelligent wife Lillian. However, an educated guess is that the questions will consist of various Statewide, including downstate, issues, possibly selected from the following questions, some of which are holdovers from prior episodes of "Political Shootout," or "Public Affairs."

Of course, you can call and ask any of the below questions or whatever you like. As with University of Chicago Ph. D. prelim questions in economics over the years, many of the questions on Political Shoot-out stay the same each week, only the answers change. And you are Free to Choose, so to speak, as this is the land of Milton Friedman, the late, great Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics from the University of Chicago [WWMFS, i.e., what would Milton Friedman say?:

-What is the core of the dispute in America about immigration and illegal immigration? [Go here to watch October 30, 2006 and July 22, 2006 "Public Affairs," TV shows featuring, in part, Senator John McCain discussing immigration, illegal immigration and the Republican Party.

-How will the immigration issue affect the 2008 Presidential election?

-How will the immigration issue play out? And what will be its impact on American politics by 2024?

-Is Cook County Assessor Houlihan's proposed tax reform legislation an amalgam of the Gov's Gross Receipts Tax and HB 750?

-Could Houlihan's proposal emerge as the consensus choice among state legislators?

-Will the Illinois Senate and House Republicans be united in their opposition to any increase in state taxes?

-Will the presidential choice in November, 2008 be U. S. Senator Barack Obama[D-IL] or former U. S. Senator and Law and Order star Fred Thompson [R-TN}? [Go here to watch a July 22, 2006 "Public Affairs," show featuring, in part, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama].

-Has it only taken 12 weeks for the Democratic Congressional majority to lose its way-- way besting the prior Republican Congressional majority, which took 12 years to do so?

-Will 2006 10th CD Democratic nominee Dan Seals come back to beat Cong. Kirk in 2008?

-Will Cong. Kirk face a challenge in the 2008 Republican primary?

-Are Chicago Aldermen Dorothy Tillman [3rd Ward] and Vi Daley [43rd Ward] going down for the Count? Any other Aldermen on their way out on April 17th? And go here to watch Pat Dowell [3rd Ward] and Michele Smith [43rd Ward] speak out in a show taped on April 1-- and Tillman and Daley chicken out. The virtual aldermanic debates also air through-out the City of Chicago this Monday Night [April 9] on "Public Affairs," at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV].

-Will Kathy Salvi [R-Wauconda] take on Cong. Melissa Bean [D-Barrington] in the 8th CD? Is Bean still vulnerable?

-Is WTTW's Chicago Tonight in need of some ideological balance? Which TV personality in the Chicago Metro area could provide it?

-Will the State GOP find a credible candidate to take on Senator Durbin in 2008?

-Is it time for a change in leadership in the State GOP

-Will Cong. Hastert not seek re-election in 2008

-And, of course, at least four more questions.
Jeff Berkowitz, Show Host/Producer of "Public Affairs," and Executive Legal Recruiter doing legal search can be reached at