Thursday, January 25, 2007

Obama: Kerry has fought FOR his country and ideals

Update to Team Obama’s typo: It took the Obama Presidential Exploratory campaign team less than ninety minutes to notice its typo and send out a corrected press release [and ninety minutes is a pretty good reaction time for that sort of thing; maybe Haldeman was wrong, maybe you can put the toothpaste back in the tube—just don’t try that at home, boys and girls, with a nuclear attack]:

From his earliest days in Vietnam to the Presidential Election in 2004, John Kerry has fought FOR his country and his ideals. I am proud to call him a friend and a colleague…[emphasis supplied].

For those Obama supporters who got in a tizzy about my calling attention to team Obama’s typo and having a little fun with it, please lighten up. For those Obama detractors who made more of this than they should have—remember, never overplay your hand. It is no great character flaw to have someone send out a press release with a typo on your behalf—unless it happens repeatedly, and that has not been the case with Team Obama. I wouldn’t have thought I would have to say it, but there, I did, just in case.

BTW, here is an example of another blogger, Dan Curry, who did not overplay his hand and blogged the typo within the spirit of good-natured fun, I am sure.

Further, I’d do the same with McCain, Hillary, et al. What can I say-- fair and balanced.

With the one exception, of course: Go Bears. And, that’s a bit of bias -- I can say with confidence—which Senator Barack Obama and I definitely share. Oops, there goes the Indianapolis vote for Barack Obama.
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