Monday, September 18, 2006

Better than Monday night Football:Steele, Peraica and 8th CD Forum on cable/streaming

"Public Affairs," is featuring Press Conferences with Comm. and Republican candidate for CC Board President Tony Peraica, current Cook County Board President Bobbie Steele, 8th CD candidates Cong. Melissa Bean [D-Barrington], David McSweeney [R-Barrington Hills] and Bill Scheurer [I-Lindenhurst]and a short interview with Cong. Bean tonight [Sep. 18] through-out the City of Chicago on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21 at 8:30 pm; You may also watch this and other episodes of Public Affairs All of the Time [24/7],on the "Public Affairs," podcast page on your computer [Watch Steele, Radogno, Peraica, Stroger, Blagojevich, Topinka, Obama, McCain, Bean, McSweeney, Scheurer, a 27th Senate District debate taped yesterday between Matt Murphy [R-Palatine] and Peter Gutzmer [D-Hoffman Estates] and many, many others here].
The "Public Affairs," podcast page gives you a choice of more than twenty-five episodes of “Public Affairs," including this week's suburban show with State Treasurer Republican Nominee and State Sen. Christine Radogno, and many more on our video and audio podcast page[Watch here].
A partial transcript and more about the show with Cook County Board President Bobbie Steele, Comm. Tony Peraica, 8th CD candidates Bean, McSweeney and Scheurer and a short interview with Cong. Bean by Berkowitz is included here and another partial transcript of the show with the 8th CD Congresswoman Melissa Bean, Republican challenger David McSweeney and Third Party challenger Bill Scheurer is included below.
Craig Dellimore [WBBM 780 AM Radio AT ISSUE host]: Mr. McSweeney, you have accused Melissa Bean of trying to have it both ways on some legislation, voting no on a bill, early on and then yes on final passage. She says that you aren’t the tax fighter that you claim to be, that you didn’t support a particular multi-billion dollar bill when you ran against now former Cong. Philip Crane. Why shouldn’t voters think that this isn’t just a case of politicians misrepresenting each other’s voting records?

Dave McSweeney [R-Barrington Hills, 8th CD]: Craig, let me make this clear. On the issue of taxes, I am for making the Bush tax relief package permanent. We need to keep taxes low in order to keep jobs and small businesses in this country. In 1998, when I ran against Phil Crane, I criticized Crane for not cutting taxes enough. Congresswoman Bean has refused to take a stand on making the tax cuts permanent. Congresswoman Bean is a very nice person, but she has a very inconsistent voting record. What she’ll do is vote for the final passage of Republican bills—immigration reform, the PATRIOT Act, class action reform, but then she’ll vote to kill them a few minutes before. She’ll say it’s unimportant, that it’s a procedural vote. It is important. There is no concept of important and unimportant votes. Remember John Kerry? “I voted for it before I voted against it?” That’s the Melissa Bean record in Congress. We need someone who is going to be consistent and fight for lower taxes, and that’s what I’m going to do when I get to Washington, DC.

Craig Dellimore: One quick follow-up to that. Why isn’t your earlier opposition to the Crane tax cut similar to a procedural vote?

Dave McSweeney: I actually sent out a mailing in which I criticized Phil Crane for not cutting taxes enough. That was the criticism. In fact, the bill that Phil Crane offered had a hundred and twenty billion dollars of tax increases and did not cut taxes enough. That was the tax bill. I sent out mailings that criticized him for not cutting taxes enough. We need to keep taxes low in this country. I have been consistent. Congresswoman Bean refuses to take a stand on tax cuts that will expire, which means that we will have the largest tax increase in the history of the United States if she--

Craig Dellimore: Our first response is from independent candidate Bill Scheurer.

Bill Scheurer [I-Lindenhurst, 8th CD]: We’ve already had largest tax increase in the history of the United States, and those are the Bush administration tax cuts. This administration has added trillions of dollars to the national debt. There is now a credit card with your name on it—think of it as a nice graduation gift. There’s already thirty thousand dollars on it. That’s your share of the national debt. The Democrat incumbent voted for the Bush budget every step of the way. So would the Republican challenger. If you are looking at the deficit, there is no such thing as cutting taxes. They are only doing the shifting of them. Passing them on from their wealthy campaign contributors, who they don’t want to ask to pay taxes, and guess where they’re shifting it to? You.

Craig Dellimore: And a response from Congresswoman Bean.

Cong. Melissa Bean [D-Barrington, 8th CD]: I don’t know that I heard any consistency from my opponent Mr. McSweeney, who insists that he did not oppose any tax cuts for families, which include a child tax credit, college tuition, capital gains, and healthcare. Now, I’m the only candidate in this race who’s been a consistent fiscal conservative. I not only have voted to extend the Bush tax cuts which have come before me while I’ve been in Congress, but I’ve also voted for two hundred billion dollars in spending cuts, and that’s what we really need to get to, from a fiscal conservative perspective in this nation. We need to go back to the pay-as-you-go budget rules. If we require fiscal discipline in Congress, then before you put forth an appropriation, you have to say where those funds are going to come from. We need more honesty in accounting. I’ll also correct what Mr. Scheurer said, which is that I voted for the Bush budgets. I did not.
From tonight's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with the 8th Cong. District candidates, President Steele [D] and Republican nominee for County Board President Tony Peraica. The program, recorded on August 28-29, 2006, and Sep. 1, 2006 will air though-out the City of Chicago tonight, Sep. 18 at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] and can be viewed anytime on your computer [Watch here]. The program includes portions of an 8th CD Forum/AT ISSUE show that was taped on Sep. 1, 2006 and was broadcast on Sep. 3, 2006.
Transcript draft prepared by Amy Allen, who also does research for “Public Affairs,” and has her own political blog [See here].
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