Monday, March 27, 2006

Sen. Silverstein: Guv election depends on the Feds

Jeff Berkowitz: So, if it is Judy Baar Topinka, you think he [Gov. Blagojevich] sails to victory in the General Election?

Sen. Ira Silverstein [D-Chicago]: I don’t think he is going to sail to victory. I think it is going to be a very tight election. It depends on what happens in the next couple of months, if the Feds do any type of investigation of his [Blagojevich's] administration.
Jeff Berkowitz: …depends on whether there are further investigations.

Sen. Ira Silverstein: Yeah, it depends on what the Feds are going to do

Jeff Berkowitz: Basically, [the Governor’s election] is in the U. S. Attorney’s hands, almost, right?

Sen. Ira Silverstein: In one respect-- you have to see what they find.
Jeff Berkowitz: Looking forward, what will be the big issue next year? Will it be looking at raising taxes?

Sen. Ira Silverstein: I think next year is going to be education because it will be—

Jeff Berkowitz: You think [the legislature] will finally do something in terms of a tax swap?

Sen. Ira Silverstein: We have to do something--

Jeff Berkowitz: [School] Funding will change dramatically?

Sen. Ira Silverstein: We have to do something. We have been talking about it for the last five, eight years. [Show ends].
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