Friday, October 14, 2005

Senator Roskam: 2 conservatives could Destroy Things

Jeff Berkowitz: Rauschenberger and O’Malley [former] allies, working together, they get in [the race for Governor] and go at it against each other and divide up the vote, and give it to Judy Baar Topinka?

Senator Peter Roskam: It could happen. Stranger things have happened.

Berkowitz: But, you think more than two conservatives are necessary for that to happen?

Roskam: No, I think two conservatives together could completely, ah—

Berkowitz: Destroy things?

Roskam: Yeah.
From my point of view, to make it real—

Berkowitz: For you, destroy. For those people who are pulling for Judy, they could—

Roskam: Right, right, right [laughter].

Berkowitz: It all depends where you sit…
State Senator Peter Roskam [R-Wheaton], when he last appeared on “Public Affairs,” in December, 2004 speculated that former State Senator Pat O’Malley was more likely than not to get into the 2006 gubernatorial race [See here] and that two conservatives running against each other, as well as against State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka in the Republican Primary, could completely destroy things, from his point of view.

Now, ten months later, Judy Baar Topinka and Pat O’Malley still have not announced whether they are running for Guv or not, but Judy’s announcement of her decision is said to be imminent. [See here, Edgar would support Judy]. Further, it is said to be a “yes,” if she can line up commitments of at least 10 million dollars through the General Election.

There already are three conservative candidates [State Senators Rauschenberger and Brady, and mega-millionaire businessman Oberweis] officially in the race, with another conservative [DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett] participating in Republican Primary Candidate forums, attending events and apparently poised to jump in the race. Moderate Republican and mega-millionaire businessman and City of Chicago civic leader Ron Gidwitz is also officially in the race, but he is only polling, at best, in the 3 to 5% range, even after dropping large chunks of his estimated 100 million dollar, or more, net worth on two television ads.

So, it would seem with two, three or more “conservative candidates,” likely to be in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary, State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka's decision to join the "Boys in the Band," so to speakcould "destroy things for the conservative cause," as Senator Roskam agreed, if Topinka decides to jump into the pool next week, as anticipated, making quite a splash, accordion and all. [But, see here for a poll showing Rauschenberger beating Blagojevich, if he gets that far]

We haven’t been able to get Senator Roskam back on our show, although we have been trying for the last half year or so, ever since it became clear he would run in the 6th Cong. Dist. to replace Congressman Henry Hyde, who is not seeking re-election after thirty two years in the House of Representatives. We are told by Roskam's campaign manager, Ryan [My gosh, yet another Ryan] McLaughlin, that Ryan is studying partial transcripts of “Public Affairs,” so Ryan can decide whether he should recommend to Senator Roskam that he tape my show, notwithstanding that Peter Roskam appeared on our show several times before Ryan came on the scene. We hope we pass Ryan’s test and get on Ryan's list.

Meanwhile, we don’t know if State Senator Peter Roskam has changed his mind on his assessment of the Republican Gubernatorial Primary, or more importantly, what his views are on the domestic and foreign policy issues of the day and what his ability is to answer tough questions on same.

On the other hand, Christine Cegelis [See here], who is favored to win a now two candidate Democratic Primary in the 6th CD and be Roskam’s opponent in the general election, will be taping our show for a third time in the last year. While we have not endorsed candidates in the past, we have endorsed the notion that all candidates for office and incumbents should do what Christine Cegelis has done and is doing, i.e., come on “Public Affairs,” and answer tough questions about the issues in the race. The voters deserve no less.

If you, my gentle readers and viewers, have any questions or topics you would like to see discussed when we tape our show with 6th Cong. District candidate Christine Cegelis this coming Sunday afternoon, please send me an email [See below] with same. If I use the question, I will only identify you by name if you indicate I should do so. If you like, please also indicate your village of residence.

We did receive in the last few days a press release noting that the Addison Township Republican Committeemen’s Organization [ATRCO] has endorsed State Senator Roskam in his bid for the 6th CD Seat. I am glad to get Senator Roskam’s press releases [along with those of all other candidates and incumbents], but that can’t be too much of a news flash. Last time I looked, Senator Roskam had cleared his primary of any opponents. Did we think the Addison Republican Organization would endorse a Democrat? Now, that would be news.
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