Monday, October 10, 2005

Berkowitz grills Gidwitz: Better than Monday Night Football

Tonight’s "Public Affairs," program in the City features Ron Gidwitz, one of the four announced candidates for Governor in the Republican Primary. The program airs through-out the City of Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21.

The show with Gidwitz also airs tonight and later this week in the suburbs.

See here for a partial transcript of tonight’s show, more about Ron Gidwitz and the other Republican gubernatorial candidates and a detailed suburban airing schedule for Public Affairs.

For more about Ron Gidwitz, including his positions on issues, ads he is running and an up to date list of campaign contributions [Gidwitz is voluntarily posting contributions within 48 hours of depositing the check] see his campaign web site here. To date, including money his relatives and he have donated to his campaign, Gidwitz has raised more than 3.3 million dollars. The contributions include 19 greater than or equal to $50,000 and more than half of those do not come from individuals whose last name is Gidwitz.

See here and here for partial transcripts of Ron Gidwitz's appearance on our show about six months ago.
Jeff Berkowitz, Host and Producer of Public Affairs and an Executive Recruiter doing Legal Search, can be reached at