Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Winnetka Public Schools Supt.'s "Interview with God"

In the past, Winnetka Public School District No. 36 has provided, quite cordially, to me School Board meeting agendas, minutes and other related school board meeting materials that I have requested. The Winnetka Public Schools Superintendent and School Board have stated quite often, I believe, that neither they, nor their faculty or staff, would ever take retaliatory action against those who criticize or raise issues about the School District’s and School Board’s actions, or lack thereof. Indeed, I heard Winnetka School Member Jeff Hoch try to assure some concerned parents, a few nights ago, after the Winnetka semi-annual Town Meeting, that they had nothing to worry about, on that score.

As the regular readers of this blog will know, I have raised issues and sought to obtain information and answers to my questions [See links and other summary information here] from Winnetka Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Rebecca [Becky] van der Bogert, regarding her decision to withhold relevant information about the new Winnetka Greeley School principal from the Winnetka School Board and the Winnetka community. Dr. van der Bogert has declined my request to speak to her directly about the issue and, most recently, her assistant has not returned my calls when I have called the District to ask about Winnetka Public School District 36 general information, e.g., scheduled school board meetings. I am a resident of Winnetka and a member of the media.

However, about two weeks ago, on the morning of the same day [June 2], perhaps coincidentally, that the new Winnetka Greeley School Principal was scheduled to testify at trial and that the new Winnetka Greeley School Principal /Glenview School District No. 34 settled the wrongful death action filed against them, I did get the email response, below, from Winnetka Public Schools Superintendent van der Bogert[which she labelled as a "response to your blog"]:

Please take a moment to view this site [the Interview with God]
Thanks, Becky [van der Bogert]

With all due respect to Supt. van der Bogert’s religious or other views, whatever they may be, I would have appreciated a more direct response to my questions.
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