Monday, June 20, 2005

Was Garrett Pushed Out of 10th CD race?

State Senator Susan Garrett [D- Lake Forest] shattered the dreams of the Garrett groupies today when she announced that she would not seek the 10th CD Democratic nomination, stating, “The more I listened, the more clearly I concluded that people preferred to keep me fighting for issues that I can impact here such as health care, clean water, traffic gridlock and an ongoing review and oversight of government ethics and accountability.”

So, you can watch Senator Garrett tonight on Public Affairs [See Blog post immediately below] to see if you can figure out what was the true reason for her decision. Almost always, in these situations, the reasons given publicly bear no relationship to the true reasons, and this situation almost surely follows that pattern.

The was already trying to do damage control today, claiming that they have lots of potential candidates in the wings to take on Cong. Mark Kirk [R- Highland Park, 10th CD]. Perhaps, but nobody on that list appears, as of today, to be a candidate who is likely to have the money, organization, message, name recognition and base support to give Kirk a run for his money. Indeed, if there were such a candidate in the grab bag list, 10th CD Committeewoman Lauren Beth Gash, who almost beat Kirk herself in 2000, might not have been touting Garrett [who seemed to have the potential to assemble all of the ingredients for a winning campaign] so intensively in recent days. One striking similarily between Gash and Garrett is that Garrett, like Gash, would have been running with seven years of state legislative experience and four election wins at her back.

So, did someone make Senator Garrett an offer she couldn’t refuse, an offer for her not to run, that is. If so, who made that offer? The answer is blowing in the wind, or perhaps you can find it on TV, tonight, in the City of Chicago, at 8:30 pm, CANTV, on Cable Ch. 21.
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