Tuesday, June 28, 2005

6th CD Candidate Pankau on TV: Ready to Debate Roskam; Is Peter Ready?

Jeff Berkowitz: …Have you talked with Senator Roskam to see if he agrees with you on that [no need for civilians to have assault weapons]?

6th CD Primary candidate and Sen. Carole Pankau [R-Itasca]: No, we haven’t talked about that. I don’t know.

Berkowitz: We’ll have to have a debate. You would be willing to do that? Debate senator Roskam?

Senator Carole Pankau: Sure.
This week’s suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features State Sen. Carole Pankau, who is running in the Republican Primary in the 6th Cong. District-- which became an open seat when Cong. Henry Hyde [R-Addison] announced earlier this year he would not seek re-election.

Hyde, first elected to his seat in the Watergate year of 1974, played college basketball against the late great professional basketball player George Mikan when Mikan was at DePaul and Hyde at Georgetown. No doubt it was on that court, as opposed to the court of law—where Hyde also practiced, that Henry Hyde first learned to be competitive and yet graceful—at all that he does and did [And, if you don’t believe that Hyde knows a thing or two about grace, just ask left of center Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin, who gave thumbs up recently to right of center Cong. Hyde, saying, “Somehow, in the heat of political combat, he has tried to keep the conversation in Congress civil.”

The very personable Pankau, in her thirteenth year in the state legislature [and in her first in the state senate], demonstrated she knows a thing or two about winning a contested primary last spring and she is back to give it a shot again in March, 2006. At the moment, she is up against Wheaton State Senator Peter Roskam, who is to her right and J. P. Rick Carney [former Du Page County Recorder of Deeds], who is to her left.

And, after having Sen. Carole Pankau on my show and spending some time before and after talking to her, she seems to think she is right where she wants to be— a center right candidate in the ideological center of her primary and competing in a district that she thinks is still quite Republican, but that has moved to the center ideologically as it has moved to the west geographically. She also thinks that her role as the lone female in the Republican Primary can only help her and her gender will help her even more so if Elmhurst Mayor Marcucci or another male candidate should enter the race.

Pankau has argued and will argue that her gender will help her in the general election, as she thinks the Democratic nominee is likely to be that party’s candidate in 2004, Christine Cegelis—although Christine, herself, has a contested primary. Pankau’s argument is simple: women outvote men, giving Pankau an advantage, relative to her male primary rivals, as her party’s representative against likely opponent Christine Cegelis in the general election.

Also, Pankau argues that she is more socially moderate than her chief primary rival, Roskam, putting her, she says, in a better position to be competitive through-out the 6th CD, which is Republican but not nearly so much as it used to be. Indeed, it is likely that the 6th CD general election will be no walk in the park for the Republican candidate, as Cegelis kept Hyde under 56% in 2004. Like Democrat Melissa Bean who rebounded from a 57-43 2002 8th CD loss to win last year over 35 year incumbent Cong. Crane, Cegelis has never stopped running.
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A partial transcript of the show is included, below.
Jeff Berkowitz: …you said the 6th Cong. Dist. does not need a clone, does not want a clone of Cong. Henry Hyde. Did I get that right? Or, did the press get that right when they quoted you?

State Senator Carole Pankau: Yes, they did.

Berkowitz: Explain what you mean. Because…many in the Republican Party would think of Cong. Henry Hyde as an icon, and does that comment suggest that he isn’t an icon in the Republican Party?

State Senator Carole Pankau: Oh, not at all. Not at all. The point I was trying to make is that the District is no longer the same as it was thirty some odd years ago, thirty-two years ago—it will be.

Berkowitz: It’s not?

State Senator Carole Pankau: No. The Congressional District that Henry Hyde started in-- first started to represent—and has continued to represent—has grown continually to the west. And, it has changed—Just like all of us change. Just as our lives change, it also has changed. The demographics are different. You have to be very cognizant and very attuned to all the different changes within the District. In Henry Hyde’s current district, there are basically ten townships that Henry has wholes, or parts of. I have run, won and served in seven of those ten townships…[counting Pankau’s time in the state house and state senate, counting the impact of re-districting and counting her eight years on the DuPage County Board].
Berkowitz: In your view, it [the 6th Cong. Dist.] has changed a lot. Would you say it is more moderate than it was when Cong. Hyde first ran?

Senator Carole Pankau: I think it is more moderate on the social issues. Not necessarily on the fiscal issues. They are still very, very conservative on the fiscal issues.

Berkowitz: Do you view yourself as a social moderate?

Senator Carole Pankau: Uh, more so—uh, moderate to right.

Berkowitz: More so? More so than what?

Senator Carole Pankau: More so than Peter Roskam.

Berkowitz: You think he is less socially moderate? .

Senator Carole Pankau: Correct.

Berkowitz: He [Roskam] would be a social conservative. I think he would proudly say he is an economic conservative and he is a social conservative.

Senator Carole Pankau: Probably. I think I have heard him say that.

Berkowitz: And, you would say that you are an economic conservative. Right?

Senator Carole Pankau: I am a fiscal conservative but a moderate on the social issues.

Berkowitz: …What about abortion. Would you say you are not what somebody might say is 100% Pro-Life? Right?

Senator Carole Pankau: No.

Berkowitz: 90% Pro-Life?

Senator Carole Pankau: I am Pro-Life, with the exceptions of rape, incest and the life of the Mother.
Berkowitz: Do you favor closing gun show loopholes?

Senator Carole Pankau: I do.
Berkowitz: Do you think the gun owner database should be destroyed 90 days after somebody bought the gun?

Senator Carole Pankau: I’m not sure. I’m not sure.

Senator Carole Pankau: We heard differing opinions. We heard from law enforcement that they really felt it [the gun owner data base] should be kept in place. We also heard from other people that over time, people’s rights had been infringed upon because that database did exist.

Berkowitz: And, you haven’t decided which side you believe more?

Senator Carole Pankau: Correct.

Berkowitz: Okay.

Senator Carole Pankau: I don’t think I have heard all of the testimony on that yet.
Berkowitz: The Assault Weapon ban had been the law on the federal side; it expired last year. It was not renewed on the federal side. Some people suggest that it should be picked up at the state level. Would you like to see an assault weapon ban, whether it comes from the State of Illinois, or if you should go to Congress, would you support it as federal legislation- to ban assault weapons.

Senator Carole Pankau: Yes, there is no reason to have those guns out there. I have checked with the sportsmen and they say “we don’t need them.”
Berkowitz: …Have you talked with Senator Roskam to see if he agrees with you on that [no need for civilians to have assault weapons]?

Senator Carole Pankau: No, we haven’t talked about that. I don’t know.

Berkowitz: We’ll have to have a debate. You would be willing to do that? Debate senator Roskam?

Senator Carole Pankau: Sure.

State Senator and 6th Cong. Dist. Primary candidate Carol Pankau [R-Itasca; 23rd Dist.], recorded on June 15, 2005 and as is airing on the Suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” this week [week of June 27] and as will be airing on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs on Monday night, July 4 at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21[CANTV]. See, conclusion of this blog entry, below, for a detailed suburban airing schedule.
State Senator and 6th Cong. Dist. Primary candidate Carol Pankau [R-Itasca; 23rd Dist.], debates and discusses with Show Host and Executive Legal Recruiter Jeff Berkowitz Social Security Reform, tax cuts, the Bush Foreign Policy regarding Iraq, Iran and North Korea, International Trade, abortion, Sen. Roskam, Rick Carney, guns, Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell research, gay rights legislation, assault weapons and much, much more.
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