Thursday, May 05, 2005

Republican Buzz [Fact, Rumor and Innuendo]

Only interested in Dem. Buzz? Some of that to follow later today or tomorrow.

Republican Buzzzzz is a new feature of this blog which will provide Fact, Rumor and Innuendo [with apologies to Bruce DuMont’s excellent, old radio show, and to a lesser extent, his excellent, nationally syndicated current talk radio show "Beyond the Beltway"- airing every Sunday night in the Metropolitan Chicago area [and far beyond] on WLS 890 AM-Radio from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm]. Of course, we will do the same for Democrat, or do you say Democratic, Buzz. [Please send your Buzzzzzz to, and indicate whether it is for attribution or not. Please include your name so I can try to gauge just how “reliable,” you are as a source.]

Fact: Urquhart Media (“UM”), aka the Pascoe and Proft group [unfairly neglecting Davis and Timpone], has been formally retained by 13 year state senator Steve Rauschenberger [R-Elgin] to assist the once and now bearded again senator in his efforts to explore a run for Governor. Although this retention has been rumored to be the case for about a month, a few weeks ago John Rauschenberger, Steve’s brother, fund raiser and confidant in the Campaign, told me it was not a done deal. Ten days ago, Proft told me it was. That’s good enough for me. It’s a deal.

However, unlike what many think, UM is not going to execute the functions of campaign manager, communications director, etc. Instead, Proft tells me UM will advise and consult regarding the staffing or search for people to fill such positions for Team Rauschenberger. UM will also advise and consult [not to be confused with Advise and Consent] on a variety of other matters relating to the Rauschenberger campaign. For example, I would surmise that UM might have some advice on how Rauschenberger should handle the “Tax Pledge,” issue.

Where does all of this leave Charlie Stone, Communications Director and more for Senator Rauschenberger’s campaigns in the past. Stone will be a part of the Kitchen Cabinet for Steve, says Proft, which leaves the appropriate ambiguity for all concerned.

UM, of course, is retained by Team Rauschenberger, which I understand to mean that it will receive monthly retainer payments, and the retainer payments are not tied to a specific number of hours worked. What can I say, as all lawyers know, it’s good work if you can get it.

Of course, as is well known, UM also has a similar retainer with the Peraica for Cook County Board President campaign. However, I believe, in this case, UM might, for a certain period of time, fill some of the Peraica campaign roles.

This was the case last week when Dan Proft essentially “ran” the Press Conference when Peraica spoke about his new web site[See "Peraica calls Stroger corrupt"] containing salary information about almost all Cook County employees. Indeed, Dan, an ex-law student, objected to one of my questions as “Asked and Answered.” I, of course over-ruled the objection and told Tony, himself a practicing lawyer, he could answer the question, which he did.

Rumor: BTW, reliable sources tell me that Cook County Board Member Liz Gorman will jump into the Republican Primary for County Board President. Some of these folks think that current County Board President John Stroger will not run and that the Democratic Candidate for County Board President will be Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Courts Dorothy Brown. The Republicans making that argument are convinced that gender matters and that they will need a female to beat a female. Liz qualifies.

Innuendo: Of course, if these folks thought like the Republican State Central Committee ["SCC"] of August, 2004, they would be ringing up Dr. Andrea Barthwell. Remember Andrea? She was apparently the moderate choice of then State GOP Chairman Judy Baar Topinka and some on the SCC to take Jack Ryan's place, after he withdrew from the U. S. Senate Race last year due to the so-called "Sex Club," scandal. [BTW, do we have Sex Clubs in Chicago, or must one travel to New York City or Paris to satisfy that appetite].

Having apparently been a Republican, at best, for only a few years, some questioned the depth of Barthwell's commitment to Republicanism, whatever that might be. Nevertheless, the powers that be, or at least that were, on the SCC, made the final choice between Ambassador Alan Keyes and Barthwell, under the theory, in part, that it was necessary to have an African American candidate to take on now U. S. Senator Barack Obama. Oops, not a very good theory.

However, if those who think the Repubicans need a female to take on Dorothy Brown for County Board President follow their logic to its logical conclusion, why not bring back Barthwell? Maybe Treasurer [and possible GOP Guv candidate and "Public Affairs," shy] Topinka has her phone number.
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