Monday, March 21, 2005

Oberweis: Got milk? Got net worth?

Jim Oberweis: …I think this is going to be a four to five million dollar primary campaign and the general [election] is probably going to take fifteen million.

Jeff Berkowitz: And, how much can you put in of your own, of the Oberweis wealth?

Oberweis: Uh, we are going to make sure that we win?

Berkowitz: What’s your net worth?

Oberweis: Well, my primary assets are my two businesses: Oberweis Asset Management and uh, Oberweis Dairy. So, when they are private businesses, there is no readily ascertainable—

Berkowitz: You got a pretty good idea.

Oberweis: Uh, they are nice businesses. I am very happy with both.

Berkowitz: What would you say? 50 million, 100 million [dollars] for net worth?

Oberweis: I would say they are nice businesses and I am happy with both.

Berkowitz: Can you borrow on those [businesses] in terms of financing your campaign?

Oberweis: My credit is excellent.

Berkowitz: So, might you actually end up putting 10 or 15 million dollars in of your own, by borrowing on that, based on what those businesses are worth?

Oberweis: My credit may not be that good [laughter by Jim].

Jim Oberweis, 2006 Republican Primary Governor Candidate to be, interviewed on "Public Affairs," as it was cablecast throughout the City of Chicago tonight, at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV]. This show was recorded on March 13, 2005
This week’s suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Pete Giangreco, Democratic Campaign Consultant and partner at the Strategy Group. For a detailed suburban airing schedule, hit the icon titled "School Choice, school vouchers: A mantra for Jim Oberweis," and located to the right--above or below this blog entry, depending on your computer settings.
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