Saturday, March 19, 2005

Questions for possible Guv Candidate Pat O'Malley

We are taping Christine Cegelis tomorrow, mid-day, for our television show, "Public Affairs." Democrat Cegelis ran a relatively close race [losing 56-44] in a fairly “Republican District,” in 2004 against Cong. Henry Hyde [R-Wood Dale; 6th Cong. Dist.]. Cegelis is running again in the 6th and it is anticipated] that (1) Cong. Hyde will make this term his last one and (2) Cegelis will face opposition in the March, 2006 Democratic Primary. [See link, to the right or below, to the blog entry about Cong. Hyde's plans for the future].[To review partial transcripts of our shows with Cegelis and Hyde of last September, please go the Sep. 30 archives icon to the right or below and scroll down to Sep. 28 and 20 for Hyde and Sep. 20 and 14 for Hyde.]

We are taping, a week from today, former State Senator and 2002 Republican primary gubernatorial candidate Patrick O'Malley [O'Malley came in second with 29% to Jim Ryan's 44% and Corinne Wood came in third with 27%] . The current thinking among various pundits is that there is a reasonably good chance that Pat O'Malley will enter the March, 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to see covered in our separate tapings with Christine Cegelis and Pat O'Malley, please email them to me [] and I will consider raising them with our guests. We will not attribute the topic or question to you, but instead will indicate that the topic or question was raised by a "reliable source," or an "inquiring mind." If you would like us to indicate your first name and village or city of residence-- if we use your question, please so advise.
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