Thursday, December 30, 2004

Updated December 30, 2005 at 7:15 pm
Tomorrow [Friday] morning’s Year in Review on WBEZ should not be missed [10:00 am].
The best “Month in Review,” program of significant public policy and political news is Steve Edwards’ 848 program, which usually is heard on the last Friday of each month on WBEZ FM Radio (91.5) at 9:35 am [the usual start time for Edwards’ daily, excellent news magazine format of politics, public policy, features, culture and other good stuff, which continues until 11:00 am].

Tomorrow [Friday], news and public policy/politics junkies are in for a special year-end treat. Edwards hosts a Year-in-Review segment at 10 a.m. on WBEZ FM Radio (91.5). Based on the talented host and scheduled guests, I expect a great program that should not be missed.

Each of tomorrow’s panelists is bright, provocative, informed, insightful and entertaining, as is the host, who is one of the fairest, smartest and best prepared of the various radio/TV personalities in town who host such programs. Tomorrow’s panelists include Carlos Hernandez Gomez [WBEZ Political Editor], Lester Munson [Sports Illustrated], Laura Washington [Chicago Sun Times and DePaul], and Eric Zorn [Chicago Tribune columnist and blogger--].

The only possible a priori criticism of the show is that the panelists, as is usually the case with most of the WBEZ Month in Review radio programs [as well as most of WTTW’s Chicago Week in Review television programs], span only half the political spectrum —that is, they range from center to left, of varying degrees. Where are the panelists whose views are on the right-- of varying degrees, or even can speak about that perspective? Where, indeed.
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