Thursday, December 16, 2004

Updated December 16, 2004 at 12:30 am., revised at 1:00 pm
Fair and Balanced with: Soros/Hume/Moore/Moveon.Org/FNC/Emanuel/Gash/Lieberman/Kirk/

Attention: Democratic Leadership Council [DLC] types, e.g., Democratic Party Centrists-- Cong. Rahm Emanuel [D- 5th Cong. Dist., Chicago], Former Democratic Primary Presidential Candidate and current sitting Senator Joe Lieberman [D- Connecticut], Lauren Beth Gash, former four term state rep. from Highland Park, 2000 10th Cong. District Democratic Nominee-- losing to [now] Cong. Kirk by a mere 5500 votes, 10th Cong. District Democratic State Central Committeewoman and Founder and Chair of the relatively recently formed "10th Congressional District Democrats" []--watch out NTRO Committeeman Tolbert Chisum and the other 10th Cong. Dist. Republican Township Committeemen [BTW, Bill Crowley, NTDO Committeeman, is Vice Chair of Tenthdems], newly minted Congresswoman Melissa Bean [D- 8th CD, Barrington]- we are not sure Bean fits the mold of the DLC, but she did have heavy duty support from Gash and Cong. Emanuel is described as Bean's "mentor and main political strategist" [See CT article, referenced, below], so we threw her in for good measure [perhaps Bean's new Chief of Staff, John Gonzalez - from the office of former Democratic Cong. Chris Bell [Tom Delay's Ahab-see Rudolph Bush's article in the Metro section of today's Chicago Tribune] will have something to say about that] and last, but not least, State Rep. John Fritchey [possible Democratic statewide candidate in 2006 and described by State Senator Dan Rutherford [R- Pontiac] on "Public Affairs," as "A Great Talent."]

All of you DLC members and "Fellow Travelers,": It is 44 days into the next election cycle and do you know where the heart and soul of your Democratic Party is? Owned by A problem in the making for your next Presidential candidate? A new theme of, the philosophical home of Michael Moore, George Soros, etc., "We broke it [the Democratic Party], we own it."

Brit Hume, reporting on Fox News Channel’s Special Report on December 13, 2004 tells us that:

Liberal activist group- is telling leaders of the Democratic Party that after raising hundreds of millions of dollars for the Kerry campaign and the DNC this past year, “Now it is our party, we bought it, we own it and we are going to take it back.” In an email to supporters, Moveon says, “For years the party cozied up to many of the same corporate donors that fund the Republicans. The result was watered down, play it safe politics that kept the money flowing but alienated traditional Democrats." So, Moveon says, “We can’t afford four more years of leadership by a consulting class of professional election losers.”

WWPGS- What would Democratic Political Campaign Consultant Pete Giangreco say to that? Then gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan called Pete one of Rod Blagojevich's "media meisters." What is calling Pete?

So, speaking as the mainstream media is so fond of saying of the so-called “far right” of the Republican Party, [mutatis mutandis] has the “far left,” of the Democratic Party highjacked that Party? If so, should we expect Howard Dean to be the next Chairman of the Democratic Party? Alternatively, if is right, so to speak, shouldn’t Michael Moore or George Soros be the person at the head of the line to be the next Party Chairman for the Democrats. That should energize both bases, Rs and Ds.
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