Monday, August 09, 2004

Updated on August 9 at 1:00 am

There they go again, the local mainstream media can’t help but give the liberals an edge over conservatives. Local ABC-7 Reporter Ben Bradley, who is generally fairly balanced in his reporting and gave a fairly balanced report of Sunday’s rally in Arlington Heights of the Republicans and their U. S. Senate Candidate Ambassador Keyes on tonight’s 10:00 ABC local news, couldn’t quite help himself from giving more favorable treatment to Barack, when Bradley told us:

“…Illinois voters will have a very clear choice in this election. There will be no scrambling for the middle ground [or] little parsing of words. This is a race between a liberal Democrat and an arch conservative…”

Why not, “between a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican.” What is it that has led Bradley to conclude that Obama is less liberal than Keyes is conservative? Perhaps he will tell us sometime, but I don’t think he did last night. Until he does, why not describe the race as between an arch liberal and an arch conservative. Or, drop the arch in both cases.

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