Wednesday, August 04, 2004

August 3, at 1:15 am

Maureen Murphy: Did Maureen live on to fight another Day?

More interviews with Maureen and other State Central Committee members to be published later today.

Maureen Murphy: I always say, who is the opponent…if you have the luxury of knowing who are running against. That’s why I say a woman…how about a young rising star in our party. They have their rising star, I want one for us. I want one who is pro-business and pro-tax cuts. I want one who is pro-life. I want a woman…and I wasn’t really stuck on male millionaires.

Another reporter: You were disappointed then with the ultimate decision today—Is that safe to say?

Murphy: No, what I am happy about—ecstatic even if my demeanor doesn’t show it [is that] we have another day.
Murphy: So, I know that I am going to be asked by you in the media and the people I represent what did you do about Alan Keyes. He has national stature, he is pro-Family…didn’t I at least advocate that we give him the courtesy of talking to him? And then he is not from Illinois and there are all those issues…and then my case was being made that this should be deliberative
Jeff Berkowitz: So, Commissioner Murphy.

Maureen Murphy: Yes.

Berkowitz: This whole day was spent interviewing twelve candidates, is that what you were doing?

Murphy: At least.

Berkowitz: At least, maybe more?

Murphy: I lost count. The greatest variety of people I have ever seen in my entire life. Seriously, It was really--

Berkowitz: But, the candidate that you support the most, Liz Gorman, was not here today, was she?

Murphy: No, she is the candidate I have been advocating and again there are conditions that need to be met because she is not a self-funder. Translation: we are reaching out to [Senate Majority Leader] Bill Frist, the Senate Republicans and the White House, if necessary. We have a candidate [Gorman]; she has a great message. We need the resources. I can take that same idea and transfer it to any number of candidates that we heard from today.

Berkowitz: Okay, are you saying even though the Chairman [Topinka] said today that your process had narrowed it to two candidates, to Dr. Barthwell and Dr. Keyes [others are still alive].

Murphy: I argue that the process seemed to be rather eliminating, trying to eliminate the vast body of people. When you do that, you could be too quick in your judgment. One person that may have been eclipsed that did show up today and who wasn’t vetted was Terry Barnish, former ICC Chairman. He was early on and so was Dr. Barthwell. Here we had a woman who was vetted and here we had a gentleman who wasn’t. I didn’t know if we were going to have different groups of these people.Vetted people and non-vetted people. People who needed funding and people who did not. People who were selfunders- that is my way of characterizing it.

Berkowitz: Okay, but you are saying that in you view it is not limited [tomorrow] to just the two candidates.
Murphy: I have been in politics long enough to know that anything can happen:?
Excerpt of interview with Maureen Murphy, Member, Board of Review; Member, State Central Committee. Interview was held on August 3, 2004. **************************************