Friday, August 20, 2004

Updated August 20, 2004 at 1:30 pm.

Zell Miller has the last laugh over Larry Handlin, and perhaps the last drink.

When a Bush is not a Bush: Zell Miller gets it right, after all. Perhaps it is Archpundit [] who, while bright and entertaining, is misguided.

Larry Handlin, wearing his usual disguise as an archpundit [], has a little “Fun with [Democratic Senator] Zell Miller” by apparently quoting from Zell Miller's 1992 Keynote address.

Senator Zell Miller (D-Georgia), of course, has now endorsed Republican President George W. Bush in W’s quest for re-election. Democratic Senator Miller makes the argument, among others, that his beloved Democratic Party has abandoned it’s historic principles [as reflected perhaps in the old Scoop Jackson- Pat Moynihan wing of the Democratic party]-- especially by nominating Zell’s Democratic colleague, Senator John Forbes Kerry, for President. Senator Miller argues that Senator’s Kerry’s long time voting record is extremely weak on national defense and national security and for those reasons, and others, Zell, is endorsing George Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, for re-election and Democratic Senator Zell Miller will speak on W’s behalf at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Archpundit quotes Senator Zell Miller as saying in 1992,

"I am a Democrat because we are the party of hope. For 12 dark years the Republicans have dealt in cynicism and skepticism...”

"Americans have seen plants closed down, jobs shipped overseas... And George Bush does not get it!"

"Let's face facts: George Bush just doesn't get it. He doesn't see it..."

This seems like a good drinking game in need of some rules, suggests Larry Handlin [].

Yep, and the first rule, Larry, is to remind people, although it should be obvious, that Zell Miller, above, was referring, of course to George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President, not W, the 43rd President. Moreover, many Republicans would agree, then and now, with Zell Miller that George Herbert Walker Bush, the father, was clueless and did not get it, especially when he broke his vows and raised taxes [something, of course, that his son, W, has not come close to doing], which, of course, slowed down the recovery and, perhaps appropriately, was one of the factors leading to George Herbert Walker Bush’s defeat by Mr. Bill in 1992.

As to Zell Miller’s inartful and not well supported implicit and summary criticisms that Zell made in 1992 of the eight years of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency, I think Senator Zell Miller might borrow one of 7th Circuit Federal Appellate Judge and adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Law School Frank Easterbrook’s favorite aphorisms, to describe Zell’s change of heart, “Wisdom come lately is better than wisdom not come at all.”
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