Friday, August 13, 2004

Updated August 13, 2004: 7:10 pm

On the Left, with WTTW’s [Ch. 11] Chicago Week in Review: Your pledge dollars at work, supporting the left side of the political spectrum.

Chicago Week in Review, tonight's line-up— Host Joel Weisman and panelists Cliff Kelly, John McCarron, and sports news person Jill Carlson. Tell me when I get to someone who is not on the left. Even Jill seems there. Oh yes, panelist Tom Skilling, the weatherman, might not be on the left—actually, so far, 10 minutes into the show-- Skilling seems to be the most thoughtful and centrist on political issues.

Yep, WTTW, the whole spectrum of political thought? I don’t think so. On its better days, the show starts in the Center and moves to the Far Left. The program likes to fill its panel, including the host, with lefties of varying degrees. Yes, on occasion, the show puts on a conservative, but usually the split is 3-1 liberal, not counting the sports person, if not 4-0, liberal. WTTW's idea of balance.

The show repeats, early Saturday morning, at 1:00 am and 4:30 am