Saturday, July 03, 2004

Updated July 3, 2004: 1:30 am

Jack Ryan singing ("You say Good-bye; I say Hello")?

John Stossel, 20/20: People are saying that part of a Republian Family Value campaign is contradicted by this kind of sexual exhibitionism. That makes you a hypocrite?

Jack Ryan: Well, I think we need more people going to Washington, DC who want to engage in marital relations with their wives. I think that is a good thing for this country, not a bad thing [Laughter by Ryan].
John Stossel: Going to run again? [Tribune's worst nightmare]

Jack Ryan: I would consider it again. I had a good experience for the most part. Until the last two weeks, it was a good experience.
Jack Ryan: Can you imagine the standard for politics if everybody has to release their [sic] custody documents? Can that possibly be the standard?
Who will ever cross that threshhold again when they see what happened to me?

John Stossel: People with nothing to hide.

Jack Ryan: Well, we are all human in the end. I am sure everybody has something they don't want out in public.


Jack Ryan, interviewed on 20/20, aired on Friday, July 2, 2004