Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Updated June 29, 2004 at6:30 pm

RNC member Robert Kjellander on Ron Gidwitz, the GOP Senate Candidate Selection Process and the Pro-Life issue:

Reporter: Can you discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Gidwitz as a [GOP Senate] candidate?

Bob Kjellander: Well, Ron is an incredibly successful businessman; he has strong credentials in the public sector on education: former chairman of the State Board of Education, former Chairman of the City College Board up here [Chicago], a terrific fundraiser; he would be a very strong candidate.

Jeff Berkowitz: Would he be acceptable to the pro-life portion, segment- the Republican base of the--

Kjellander: Well, I can only speak for myself, and I am a pro-Life Republican, but I don't believe we have any litmus tests--

Berkowitz: No, but there were no pro-choice candidates who did well in that Republican [Senate] primary.

Kjellander: But, that wasn't the only issue in the primary.

Berkowitz: So, you are saying, notwithstanding those [senate primary] results-you, as an important state [GOP party] leader, would be comfortable with the [GOP] State Central Committee nominating somebody or selecting somebody who is Pro-Choice?

Kjellander: No, you are putting words in my mouth--

Berkowitz: Well, you are not comfortable or you are comfortable?

Kjellander: Look, I am comfortable with the process that--

Berkowitz: Either way, is what I am saying, however the process comes out--pro-choice or pro-life, you are comfortable.

Kjellander: However the process comes out, absolutely, yes. Thank you very much.

Berkowitz: Thank you, Bob.
Comments by RNC member Robert Kjellander, following the June 25, 2004 Topinka/Kjellander press conference.