Thursday, July 29, 2004

Updated July 29, 2004, 2:30 pm

Eric Zorn figures out a way to beat Bush-- now if only the Republicans will listen to him, he hopes. Who knows, maybe Zorn has Topinka's and Karl Rove's ear.

Well, with Jack Ryan apparently sending in his withdrawal papers today, it looks like W now has only two shots at staying President: Support incumbent U. S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald for re-election or Support state senator Steve Rauschenberger for the Illinois U. S. Senate seat. And, when I say support, I mean support. [See below blog entry- updated July 29, 12:15 am].

We will find out, shortly, if anyone in the Republican Party has any fight left in him or her- Bush, Rove, Senator George Allen, Topinka, Fitzgerald and/or Rauschenberger. Or, will they all go quietly into the night, conceding explicitly or implicitly not just the U. S. Senate race in Illinois, but the Presidential race.

Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune columnist, champion blogger, blogger inspiration [] and Obama endorser in the Democratic Primary sees the situation somewhat differently in his blog entry of yesterday from Boston: "Now, my suggestion of last Friday that 'Nobody' is the smart choice for the Republicans is looking very good. Prescient even.' Forget about beating Obama. They should put their money into races down the ticket and try again for the U.S. Senate next time."

Eric Zorn couldn't be more wrong-- as I steal a phrase from our former "Public Affairs," guest and Capital Punishment opponent Locke Bowman. Locke, of course, used the phrase in the context of several exonerated death row inmates who, even Locke and his friends, at one point thought were clearly guilty. The point, said Locke, was that his friends and he couldn't have been more wrong. And, that is true with respect to Eric Zorn's advice to the Republican Party to take a default judgment in the U. S. Senate race in Illinois. Moreover, why would Republicans take advice from Obama endorser Eric Zorn? Why, indeed!

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