Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Updated July 26 at 1:00 am

Bill Kristol laments the new, moderate face put on the Democratic Party during the first night of the Democratic Convention:

Bill Kristol, speaking as a commentator during the Monday night Convention coverage anchored by Fox's Brit Hume:

Kristol: It really is striking. Six months ago it looked like Howard Dean was going to be the nominee. The rhetoric was the Dean/Gore/Kennedy rhetoric- "Bush was a war criminal." The Kerry campaign deserves a lot of credit- I don't say this terribly cheerfully, but I think they have presented, so far at this Convention, a Democratic Party that is a John F. Kennedy /Bill Clinton Democratic Party, not a McGovern /Michael Dukakis/ Al Gore Democratic party.
Alan Colmes speaks with Bill Bennett during Fox's coverage of Monday night's Democratic Convention.

Colmes: That is Jimmy Carter speaking live here in Boston at the Democratic National Convention and who do I turn around and see among all of these Democrats: Bill Bennett of Empower America. Bill, good to have you here.
Colmes: Liberals love everybody, so you are not in enemy territory... You wrote a piece for National Review and you talk about the nature of the debate. You don't like the way the debate is going and yet- we are hearing that John Kerry is very clear. He wants a very positive message here in Boston, so what is wrong with that.

Bill Bennett: A positive message is fine if you can keep it. if you can contain it. Also, the message of the platform is fine if you can keep it. The platform is very interesting It says it is pefectly reasonable to support the war in Iraq. He wants a large military and says preemptive strikes are fine. It supports the Patriot Act. It says a host of very interesting things. Is that really what the people here believe. I have been talking with them and they didn't know that is what their platform said.

Colmes: Well, the fact is we are a big tent party.

Bennett: That is not a big tent; that is an incoherent tent.
Bennett: ... I mean Read the platform: I asked six people here before I came up,do you know that you support the Patriot Act. And, they did not know that?
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