Sunday, February 15, 2004

"Public Affairs," City of Chicago Edition Quote of the Week, Interview with General John Borling, U. S. Senate Candidate, Republican Primary

Jeff Berkowitz: ...Are you a gung-ho, as we used to use that word, supporter of President Bush, in terms of the actions he has taken to lead this country into Iraq?

General John Borling: To this point, I think that the President has done very well not only for Iraq but the region and hopefully for the world. We have got two words confused, hard and wrong. There are a lot of people who say it's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong because it [the nation building in Iraq] is hard. It is hard, but I think that--

Berkowitz: The fact that we haven't found any weapons of mass destruction...what do you say to the Democrats who make that an issue...

Borling: I would say to the "cut and run" Democrats that they don't have realistic policy options.

Berkowitz: Well, you use that phrase but I have heard [Democratic Candidate] Nancy Skinner remind you that she is not a cut and run Democrat. Certainly [Democratic Candidate] Dan Hynes says--

Borling: She [Skinner] never would have cut, so she couldn't have run.

Berkowitz: They would say, even [Democratic Candidate] Barack Obama, who was significantly opposed to the War a year before we went into Iraq, even he has said-- Now that we are in there, we have to be responsible, we can't just leave-- that doesn't sound like "cut and run," does it?

Borling: The answer is in this case because we are a powerful nation, the leadership mantle has fallen to us. This is the course of history--

Berkowitz: And, it doesn't trouble you that we didn't find any WMD?

Borling: No, not particularly-- I think we found--

Berkowitz: It still was a good move to go in there?

Borling: Well, I don't know. Maybe if we dig up another 300,000 bodies in Killing Fields, the Democrats will think that maybe this is justified on human rights terms, alone.

Berkowitz: So, you would make that argument, the moral imperative, as [Republican candidate] Jack Ryan has called it.

Borling: There is a moral imperative.

Berkowitz: So, you agree with Jack Ryan on that?

Borling: I agree with Immanuel Kant, who came up with the moral imperative.

Berkowitz: So, both you and Jack [Ryan] agree with Immanuel Kant, I stand corrected.

Borling: The categorical imperative is what Kant came up with, but if you want to get into a philosophical discussion, we can have another show ...
********************************************************************General John Borling, "Public Affairs," as is being cablecast through-out the City of Chicago this Monday night, February 16, in the City of Chicago on Ch. 21 at 8:30 pm; recorded on January 22, 2004.