Sunday, February 15, 2004

Press Release: Feb. 15, 2004.
"Public Affairs" TV Show- Suburban Edition, 34 suburbs.

This week's guest: Republican U. S. Senate Candidate Andy McKenna, Jr. (See end of this post, below, for airing schedule for specific suburbs)


Partial Transcripts of Berkowitz's U. S. Senate candidate interviews (Obama, Chico, Hull, Washington, Skinner, Rauschenberger, Oberweis, Kathuria, Wright and Borling) are included at

It could be argued that Dan Hynes acted last week to suppress competition and information for consumers in the political marketplace of ideas by joining Senator Durbin's purportedly independent effort to get the 7 Democratic senate candidates to sign on to a No Negative Ad pledge [For an enthusiastic endorsement of negative ads, see Eric Zorn's Notebook blog today at]. No Negative Ad pledges, such as the one being pushed by Senator Durbin, would tend to benefit the incumbent or candidates with strong, machine political organizations over those who look and sound good "by comparison" and who need to advertise [both positive and negative] to inform the electorate of same.

I wonder if Durbin/Hynes would similarly favor prohibiting automobile manufacturers from informing customers why their safety mechanisms are better than those of their competitors. I should hope not. Yet, wouldn't such comparison ads [You would be crushed in Car A, you wouldn't get a scratch in Car B] constitute negative ads? What's the difference? Senator Durbin thinks automobile, college and toothpaste customers are better able to understand and assess such distinctions than consumers in the political marketplace? I don't think so.

"Negative ads," especially if intended to include comparison ads, have been unfairly maligned. We think U. S. Senate Candidate Hynes should withdraw his support for the Durbin pledge. Indeed, Comptroller Hynes very well might look good by comparison to some, if not all, of the other candidates, but the voters might never know if he doesn't come forth with some comparision ads. Come on, Comptroller Hynes, don't be modest, tells the voters why, specifically, you think you are a better candidate than your competitiors; What's good about you? What's not so good about them. Competition and information, the patron saints of consumers, voters and our viewers.

Political Buzz:

Political Buzz from two weeks ago continues about Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas. Although long known for her baton twirling, binder twirling is something new. U. S. Senate Candidate Pappas (D) brought a binder of information with her to the WBEZ Chicago Public Radio Democratic Senate candidate forum on February 4 and attempted to use it, apparently unsuccessfully, when questions were asked to her. For those listening to the WBEZ Dem. candidate Forum, when Maria was asked a question, they sometimes "heard" an awkward pause, which didn't seem to refresh, as Maria looked intensely through her binder. Senate Candidate Joyce Washington had what appeared to be a pamphlet in front of her, but did not appear to make use of it. The other five candidates seemed to have a page or two, perhaps, of talking points, but they seemed to make little or no use of same. The only candidate who seemed to be following the adage-- "It's a fact, you can look it up," was Senate Candidate Maria Pappas. These and other exclusive video clips of the WBEZ Democratic and Republican Senate Candidate Forums will air next week on "Public Affairs," in the Suburbs and on March 1 in the City of Chicago.

Notwithstanding the above comments, Hynes and Pappas, as everyone knows, have considerable political assets. And, of course, they can run, but they can't hide-- and if they can, why would do they want to? So why won't they come on 'Public Affairs," and demonstrate their strengths and command of the issues? We discuss, you decide.

More political buzz from the WBEZ Democratic Senate Candidate Forum stems from the compliment given/overture made at that Forum to Senate Candidate Nancy Skinner by Senate Candidate Barack Obama for Nancy's early and articulate anti-Iraq War statements made on her old Sunday WLS-AM radio program, "Ski and Skinner." Nancy must have noticed-- she said, "Thank you, Barack." What more would it take for Skinner to drop out and try to transfer her projected 2 to 3 % of the vote to the Obama column? 30% could be enough to win in the primary, making Skinner's 3% very helpful to Barack, and in effect cancelling out what many view as a spoiler 3% vote that Senate Candidate Joyce Washington may pick up. Depending on what Obama-Skinner could work out, Skinner might have even more of a forum/soapbox than her candidacy gives her now and she would have the satisfaction, perhaps, of knowing she helped elect someone with similar views, at least on a number of issues. Hard to argue with this reasoning-- unless you didn't go the University of
Suburban airing Schedule of "Public Affairs:"

Week of Feb. 16, Andy McKenna, Jr., Republican U. S. Senate Candidate, debates and discusses job growth and job losses, the economy, technology tax credits, the free market, the War, the political and policy importance, or lack thereof, of the absence of WMD in Iraq, free trade and "Buy American," Republican Party of Illinois reform, Gov. Blagojevich, whether RNC representative from Illinois Robert Kjellander should step down and tax cuts with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz.

Week of Feb. 23, Exclusive Video clips of Republican and Democratic Senate Candidates at the WBEZ, 91.5 FM Chicago, Chicago Public Radio, Republican and Democratic Senate Candidate Forums, which aired live on WBEZ radio on Feb. 3 and 4, 2004, respectively, but have not been aired on television prior to airing on "Public Affairs."

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