Monday, November 02, 2009

Better than David Gregory with Tim Geithner: Berkowitz w/former Reagan adviser Art Laffer and FNC's Steve Moore; Cable and Streaming

Art Laffer [former Reagan economics adviser]: We all want to see the poor do well. But, you don’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor. The dream in America has never been to make Beverly Hills look like Watts. The dream is...[Watch the show w/ Laffer and Moore here]
Jeff Berkowitz: Art, is it just an empirical difference [of opinion in terms of reading the data] between you and say, Austan Goolsbee, one of the [economic advisers] to Barack Obama from the University of Chicago. They would say that you over-estimate these empirical effects: yes, as you tax...
Jeff Berkowitz: If you had to assign blame, to be fair, would you put a lot of the blame on George Bush, Bernanke at the Fed, Paulson at the Treasury because those were the three who came up with the $700 billion bailout before Barack Obama was President.

Steve Moore [Fox News Channel and Wall St. Journal editorial page writer]: This was a crisis that started under George Bush. There is no question that Barack Obama inherited this crisis. The problem is that he’s, in my opinion, just doubled down on the Bush policies.
Art Laffer [Watch Laffer and Moore discuss President Obama's economic policies]: When I look at this world… and you see a little five year old girl in Appalachia or in inner city south side of Chicago who lives with drug addicted parents who are separated and are always on something, whatever it is, and she has no clothes, no money and her living conditions are awful… and then you look at someone else in Lake Forest, IL who has the same age little girl and it’s just a wonderful life and you ask yourself, “how is that fair, I mean what makes any sense about this? It doesn’t. It is totally unjust. It is totally unfair”… and if I were father of the world and in complete control...
Jeff Berkowitz: If you could sit down with Barack Obama…you know…what he ran on, you understand the politics of the nation and of the Democratic and Republican parties, realistically, what would you say to him in two or three minutes to try to change his mind and change the course [of economic policy]?

Steve Moore [WSJ Editorial board writer and Fox News Channel contributing correspondent]: I think that Barack Obama should...
The "Public Affairs," show featuring economist Art Laffer and Steve Moore, FNC contributiong correspondent and WSJ editorial board member, airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight i.e., November 2 at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21(CANTV, aka Chicago Access Network TV). Laffer and Moore debate and discuss their book, "The End of Prosperity, how higher taxes will doom the economy, if we let it happen," with interested readers of their book and with Jeff Berkowitz, show host and Executive Legal Recruiter, at Steve Moore's sister's home in Wilmette, IL. For more about tonight's show, including partial transcripts and a list of topics, please go here and here.
You can also watch the show with economist Art Laffer and Steve Moore, FNC contributiong correspondent and WSJ editorial board member, on your computer.
The show w/Art Laffer and Steve Moore was taped on June 15, 2009.
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