Saturday, July 25, 2009

Berkowitz to join John Powers on tomorrow night's Tom Roeser radio show.

Jeff Berkowitz will join John Powers, Innovative businessman and Publisher of the iconoclastic Chicago Daily Observer as a guest tomorrow night on Tom Roeser’s weekly, Sunday, call-in radio show, Political Shoot-out, WLS 890 AM Radio, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
You say you don't live within the WLS broadcast area? Not to worry. You can go here to listen to the program, live, on the web.[You may encounter some technical problems in signing on-- allow five minutes, or so, for following the prompts for technical difficulties, and you should be able to hear WLS live on the web] See here for Tom’s Blog which has Tom's thoughts on a great many matters, political and otherwise.

Upset with something Berkowitz said on his show [] or the [Public Affairs page], something he wrote on this blog or just the way he looks? Tom Roeser’s show on Sunday night is your chance to fire back. A free fire zone, so to speak. Also, you can help shape the show and its topics by calling in with your questions and comments—312-591-8900.

The show is likely to cover key national, state, Chicago and Cook County political and public policy issues, including but not necessarily limited to the Illinois gubernatorial, the U. S. Senate, the 10th CD and The Cook County Board President primaries and general election; public corruption in Illinois, Taxes and Spending in Illinois; the issue of whether or not there is bias in the National, State and local media; Goo Goo Reform in Illinois, something about the Catholic Church, this week's Obama presser and events related thereto, the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics, the partial repeal of Stroger's one percent increase in the sales tax in Cook County, the state of the Illinois GOP and Illinois Democratic Party and much, much more.