Monday, November 03, 2008

Better than Hannity and Olbermann w/Obama and McCain: Berkowitz w/Sen. Rutherford, cable and streaming

Senator Dan Rutherford: I think what Barack Obama did to win the Democratic Primary over who I thought was going to be the slam dunk winner...was...on his packaging. The guy is masterful at packaging. He has brought an extremely good talent, David Axelrod...perhaps now one of the best at packaging...

Jeff Berkowitz: Very well spoken guy,right, you would agree?

Senator Dan Rutherford: I would agree.

Jeff Berkowitz: On style. You don't have to agree with the views, but in terms of his ability to project the message...

Senator Dan Rutherford: He is well spoken.

Jeff Berkowitz: No. 2, [Barack Obama is] a very smart guy.

Senator Dan Rutherford [R-Pontiac]: I would say he's a very smart guy, yes.

Jeff Berkowitz: He knows the issues. On this show [Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz], he said in '03, as he was starting to run for the U.S.Senate, to distinguish himself from...
Tonight's Chicago edition of "Public Affairs," features Dan Rutherford (R-Pontiac), State Senator and possible 2010 Republican Primary gubernatorial candidate.

The show airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV) and tonight's Aurora edition of "Public Affairs," airs on cable in Aurora and surrounding areas at 7:30pm on ACTV-10. The Aurora station, Aurora Community Television, Comcast Cable Ch. 10, reaches all of Aurora, Bristol, Big Rock and parts of Oswego, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Montgomery.

You can also watch the show with Senator Rutherford, here.

On tonight's show, State Senator Rutherford (53rd District) discusses and debates with Show Host and Executive Legal Recruiter Jeff Berkowitz the performance of Senator Obama as a State Senator, including whether he "knew the issues, had a vision and spoke out," the significance of Obama's 130"Present" votes during his eight years in the State Senate [Senator Rutherford has taken no present votes in 16 years in the General Assembly]; various state legislative financial issues, including spending, taxes, a capital plan, bonding and the lease of the state lottery; and the future of the State GOP, including a possible run by Senator Rutherford and others for Governor in 2010.

Senator Rutherford was the Republican nominee in 2006 for Secretary of State and he lost that race to the Democratic Incumbent, Jesse White, but the Senator may have strengthed his network, laying the groundwork for a stronger statewide run in 2010. Senator Rutherford was in the State House for a decade and he has been a state senator for the last six years. Sen. Rutherford has been a VP at Servicemaster for the last 18 years For more about Senator Rutherford, go here.
This week's Chicago Metro suburban edition of "Public Affairs," features John Tillman, Chairman and CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, discussing and debating why Barack Obama won, the myth of Ralph Martire's structural deficits, spending waste and reform, Todd Stroger's Cook County sales tax increase, education and school choice and much, much more. To see the airing schedule for the Chicago Metro suburban edition of "Public Affairs," please go to the middle portion of this blog post.
Jeff Berkowitz, Show Host/Producer of "Public Affairs," and Executive Legal Recruiter doing legal search can be reached at *************************************************************
"Public Affairs," is a weekly political interview show airing in Chicago on CANTV, in the Chicago metro area, Aurora and Rockford on Comcast and also often on the Illinois Channel. You can watch the shows, including archived shows going back to 2005, here.
Recently posted shows on the Public Affairs YouTube page now include shows taped on October 12 with Senator Rutherford and former Republican Primary candidate for Governor Ron Gidwitz, a show taped Sep. 30 with Cong. Don Manzullo (R-Egan, 16th CD) about his no vote on the bailout, jobs, trade and other issues related to his election contest with Democrat Robert Abboud, a show taped Sunday, Sep. 28, 2008 with State Rep. Julie Hamos (D-Evanston) and a show taped on Sunday, Sep. 21,2008 with 16th Cong. Dist. Democatic Nominee Robert Abboud (D-Barrington Hills), two shows featuring clips and interviews, primarily from the Democratic and Republican National Party conventions, go here to watch 2nd Convention clip show and shows with Cook County Cmsr. and Obama Media Team Member Forrest Claypool and much more.